What is the Mediterranean Style of Decorating?

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The Mediterranean style of decorating has its roots in Spain, Greece and Italy. Mediterranean decorating is also known as Spanish modern and Tuscan decorating. Interestingly, the Mediterranean style can be casual or formal as well as traditional or modern depending on the materials used.

Metal is popular in all types of Mediterranean decorating. You can use burnished or hammered copper or pewter for the traditional Mediterranean look and shinier metal for the contemporary Mediterranean look. Wrought iron is a must for capturing the Mediterranean look and it compliments both traditional and contemporary styles.

Wrought iron towel holders are the perfect accent in a Mediterranean-themed bathroom. Wrought iron candle holders and/or light fixtures look great in a Mediterranean-styled dining room, living room or bed room. Mirrors make beautiful accent pieces and fit in well with Mediterranean decorating if they are trimmed in wrought iron. You can find two main types of wrought iron mirrors. One kind has a more solid, heavy trim while the other kind of wrought iron mirror has an airy, curvy metal trim.

Metal bowls and vases, especially large ones, can add great impact to a Mediterranean decorating style. Large tapestry wall hangings are commonly used in Tuscan-style decorating. Textured walls such as a brushed terracotta paint effect really add to the Mediterranean ambiance.


Rich colors are a big part of Mediterranean decorating. You can capture this design element easily in a bedroom or living room by adding a group of solid-colored throw pillows to one end of a good-sized sofa or maybe to a large upholstered chair. Use pillows in rich velvety fabrics in opulent shades of any color you'd like, but mix the shades and tones. Tuscan-styled pottery in rich, warm shades such as brown or burnt orange can accent the Mediterranean look in a kitchen. Plums and burgundies can also be found in Mediterranean decor such as in floral and vine patterned textiles.

Mosaic tile floors are very Mediterranean and you can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns. Some Mediterranean tile floors are boldly patterned and colored while others are more subtle in both pattern and color. For example, some floors look like colorful patchwork quilts, while other Mediterranean floors have a delicate design in soft blues and greens. Bright, detailed designs in bold colors such as reds and yellows are also used in some Mediterranean mosaic tile floors.


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Post 3

ShowStopper- There are certain things that you can do to decorate your home on a budget. Try visiting a second hand store or a flea market. You can often find beautiful antique bowls and metal fixtures that look very Mediterranean at these types of stores. Also consider visiting garage sales or looking online at sites like eBay and Amazon.

You can also decorate your home over a period of time. Only buy one or two items this month. Buy another item next month when you have the money. Over a period of a year, you will buy enough items to decorate your home. Buying the items over a period of time will ease the financial burden.

Post 2

sunny27- Thank you for the information. I found it to be very helpful as I am thinking about decorating my home using certain Mediterranean design elements.

Does anyone have any tips for decorating a home in the Mediterranean style on a budget?

Post 1

I just want to add that my sister’s home is entirely of Mediterranean home décor.

The house is painted a warm yellow tone and the interior is filled with Spanish Talavera pottery. This pottery is brightly colored and found in many Spanish homes.

In addition, her furniture and walls are of a rich terracotta tone which dominates throughout the house. Her backyard has the same motif with bold terracotta pots and richly colored outdoor furniture.

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