What Is the Mayhem Festival?

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The Mayhem Festival is a touring outdoor heavy metal rock concert that lasts all day. The festival includes multiple concert stages and is designed to showcase many start-up bands with current day heavy metal headliners. The mayhem festival was first introduced in the summer of 2008.

This festival generally has three stages playing heavy metal music throughout the day. The concert venue is designed for fans of an alternative edgy sound. The entertainment typically starts in the middle of the afternoon and plays deep into the evening hours.

This concert is different than standard music events because it offers heavy metal fans many choices of entertainment. A Mayhem Festival also includes sideshows that give the crowd something to watch during intermission. These often include motocross jumping.

The Mayhem Festival tours in the United States and Canada. It is a summer concert that typically starts in early June and finishes up in late August. This festival is played in large outdoor venues that can hold thousands of people.

Many people tailgate at the Mayhem Festival before going inside the stadium. This is similar to tailgating at major sporting events. People are allowed to drink, eat, and play outdoor games while they wait for the stadium gaits to open.


Each venue has different rules and regulations on alcohol consumption in the parking area of the stadium. These rules are typically based on the restrictions defined by the county and state. Local law enforcement often enforces these rules during the event.

Most venues do not allow alcohol, glass bottles, or coolers to be brought into the ticketed stadium area. This ensures that food and drinks are purchased at the stadium concession stands. Many venues allow plastic water bottles, but limit people to one bottle each.

People are not permitted to leave the stadium area to return to the parking lot after entering the gate. The only way back into the stadium after leaving is by purchasing an extra ticket. This helps reduce mischievous behaviors outside the stadium gates.

The Mayhem Festival has many vendors that sell rock concert memorabilia. This typically includes tee shirts, hats, pins, and music from the bands. These trinkets are often bought as a way to remember the event in the future.


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