What is the MAT&Reg; Test?

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The Miller Analogies Test, more commonly known as the MAT® test, is an exam that is used to determine analytic and logical ability. All of the questions require the completion of analogies, which are problems solved by comparing the relationships between three known elements to determine a fourth. It is usually used as a part of the application process for graduate school. Organizations such as The Prometheus Society and Mensa also use the test as a part of their admission requirements.

MAT® test questions are devised to test not only a student’s analytical knowledge, but also vocabulary and cultural knowledge. A typical question will show three words. Two of the words are somehow related. The third word must be matched to one of the single word multiple choice answers listed below the question in order to demonstrate the same relationship as that between the first pair of words. Understanding these relationships requires knowledge of both the words and what they mean in relationship to each other.

The MAT® test is a timed exam with 120 questions which must be completed in one hour. The exam can be taken both with pencil and paper and on a computer. There are 200 to 600 possible points that can be earned on the test. Upon completion of the exam, the test candidate will receive a score and the percentile where their score falls. Schools may consider both the percentile and the score while determining eligibility for admission.


Only 100 questions on the MAT® test are scored. The other 20 are included so that the company can field test new questions for future versions of the exam. All of the questions must be answered in order to pass the test and there is no known way of determining which questions are not scored.

The MAT® test is typically taken in a testing center, usually either on a school campus or in a specific stand-alone facility for testing. During the computer version of the test, candidates are allowed to use one piece of paper at a time and a pencil, both of which are distributed by the test administrator. Candidates taking the paper version will only have an exam booklet, pencil, and one piece of note paper at a time. No other materials, including reference books, notes, and electronic devices, are allowed. Test candidates are often observed both locally and via a remote camera in order to ensure that the test is taken according to regulations.


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