what is the Homeopathic Treatment for Acne?

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There is more than one effective homeopathic treatment for acne, a common inflammatory skin disorder that affects the oil glands. Depending on the specific symptoms, remedies include calcarea carbonica, hepar sulphuris calcareum, and antimonium tartarisum. Most homeopathic remedies are available as tablets, powder, or liquids. A homeopathic treatment focuses on the overall health of the person in addition to the targeted condition, but should not be started without the advice of a medical professional.

If a person suffers from frequent acne breakouts, the mineral remedy calcarea carbonica may be suggested. Found in limestone and eggshells, calcarea is ground into a fine powder and often sold as a pellet when used as a treatment for skin irritations. In addition to acne, it is used to treat eczema.

When acne scars and pimples take a long time to heal, the remedy hepar sulphuris calcareum or hepar sulph is typically used. The powder consists of ground oyster shell and sulfur combined with lactose. It is effective at expelling pus from pimples that are sensitive to the touch and ready to open.

Silicea is the preferred homeopathic treatment for acne in long-term sufferers. This compound of silicon oxides is generally taken as a table or applied topically in a gel. This remedy is effective when healing scars caused by acne but is believed to cause the body to expel foreign materials, including implants.


Teenagers and women who suffer from acne breakouts at the beginning of their menstrual cycles can consider pulsatilla or pasque flower. A liquid is made from the plant’s pulp and is used to treat conditions that produce green or yellow discharge. This remedy is believed to effective when hormone fluctuations are the primary cause of the acne.

Antimonium tartaricum is made by combining oxide of antimony and tartrate and is a homeopathic treatment for acne and other conditions. It is used when the skin inflammation produces large pustules that are tender to the touch. These pustules leave behind bluish blemishes on the skin when healed.

Several factors influence acne flare-ups, including hormones, heredity, and cleansing habits and products. Although diet was long suspected as a cause of acne, this is no longer the consensus among medical professionals. When too much oil gets trapped in an individual’s pores, dirt and bacteria accumulate, causing blackheads, whiteheads, and cysts. A homeopathic treatment for acne can help heal scarring and reduce the frequency of outbreaks.

When treating acne, gentle and consistent skin care is crucial. Touching the skin and picking at blemishes should be avoided. Scrubs and astringents can irritate the skin and aggravate acne. If the homeopathic treatment for acne is not effective after several months and the condition worsens, a medical professional should be consulted.


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Post 3

@ZipLine-- Have you consulted with a homeopathic doctor? That's the best way to go about acne treatment with homeopathy. Go to an experienced doctor licensed in homeopathy. He or she will do a physical examination and ask you some questions to determine the best remedies for you. The remedy can vary for each individual.

I went to a homeopathic doctor last month. He prescribed me a treatment which contains kalium bromatum, sulfur and calendula. It is working, my acne has reduced.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- As far as I know, there are many herbs and oils that can be used topically as homeopathic acne treatments. For example, turmeric, sandalwood and clove oil can all be used. These have natural antiseptic, antibacterial properties. You can mix turmeric powder with water to make a paste and apply it on pimples. The same can be done with sandalwood powder.

Clove oil is also very beneficial and dries out pimples very quickly but it has to be diluted with another oil or cream first. Applying undiluted clove oil may irritate skin.

I have a topical homeopathic face mask with clove oil that I use as a spot treatment. I apply it and keep it on overnight. In the morning, I wash it off and the inflammation is completely gone. I can prevent pimples if I use this mask as soon as I notice a bump.

Post 1

Are there any topical homeopathic remedies for acne or are they all used internally?

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