What is the Homeopathic Remedy for Hair Loss?

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Remedies for thinning hair that are natural and non-invasive include topical applications of natural nutrients including amla and lime juice, as well as applications of raw eggs applied directly to the scalp. Another homeopathic remedy for hair loss is a mixture of coconut oil and lime juice, which can be added to liquid soap to create a shampoo that some believe may reduce hair loss. Some homeopathic practitioners advise using coconut milk or coconut oil as a conditioner to be used after shampooing. Ideally, these conditioners should be left on the hair for about 15 minutes.

Some daily hair loss is considered inevitable and normal for everyone. In fact, humans are believed to shred approximately 100 hairs each day. Normally, each individual hair could have a life span as long as two years, at which time, it usually breaks off or leaves the shaft to make room for newer, healthier hair. When hair loss exceeds what is normal and expected, many people may seek medical treatment, but others may prefer a homeopathic remedy for hair loss.


Many natural treatments for hair loss involve the use of amla oil or seed. Amla is a type of Indian gooseberry and has been used for centuries to treat hair and scalp disorders. It can be purchased at some groceries but is more commonly found at health food stores. There are many different homeopathic remedies for hair loss that include the use of amla. It can be combined with mustard oil, coconut oil, and lime juice and then applied directly to the scalp or mixed with shampoos.

Another homeopathic remedy for hair loss involves making a paste out of pepper seeds and oil, and massaging it into any existing bald spots. A similar paste can be made by using honey as a base ingredient, then adding a bit of olive oil and cinnamon. These pastes should be applied to a well-dried scalp, and left on for about 15 minutes, then rinsed away using warm water.

There seems to be little evidence to suggest that any homeopathic remedy for hair loss is effective for everyone. In many cases, hair loss is caused by genetics and little can be done to reverse it. Sometimes, however, hair loss is caused by underlying health conditions, such as vitamin deficiencies or side effects of some prescriptions drugs. Often, when the condition that is causing hair loss is dealt with, hair growth will sometimes resume and any resulting baldness may self correct.


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Post 5

I tried coconut oil but it didn't work. Are there any other homeopathic remedies that I can try? What about vitamins for hair loss?

Post 4

@anamur-- Thanks for the tip.

I use amla hair oil that I bought from an online store. It's coconut oil with amla extract in it. I use this once a week.

I also use a homemade hibiscus shampoo to wash my hair because I think the chemicals in regular shampoos make hair loss worse. I just soak fresh or dry hibiscus leaves in hot water and grind them to make a paste. I use this as shampoo in the bath.

The final thing I do, which is not really a remedy, is using UV lamp for vitamin D. I don't get enough sunlight and I think that I have a vitamin D deficiency which is also adding to my hair loss.

These are all great natural remedies for hair loss. It might not work for everyone though, especially if there is an underlying health problem like a thyroid dysfunction.

Post 3

Raw egg yolks mixed with virgin olive oil is a great home remedy for hair growth.

My mom developed thinning hair and some hair loss due to age and possibly the medications she is taking. She started making a hair and scalp mask with egg yolks and olive oil and used it once or twice a week. Her hair is looking so much better now and she says she's not losing as much hair as she used to.

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