What is the Homeopathic hCG Diet?

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The homeopathic hCG diet is based on a low-caloric intake combined with a daily regimen of homeopathic hCG. Individuals wishing to lose weight on this diet should consume no more than 500 calories per day. They must also take a homeopathic form of hCG up to three times per day. According to the details of the homeopathic hCG diet, only light to moderate exercise is required.

Human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) is a protein-like hormone produced by a woman's body when she is pregnant. It is also the same hormone that tests will try to detect for to determine if a woman is pregnant or not. The homeopathic hCG diet relies on the fact that this hormone is believed to help increase metabolism, burn fat stores, and decrease hunger and food cravings.

There are traditional hCG diets that follow the same limited caloric intake but require a daily injection of natural hCG. Many people tend to avoid this form of the diet, as it is costly and cumbersome when it comes to daily injections. The diet did prove effective, which is what paved the way for the creation of the homeopathic hCG diet, a more affordable and convenient version of the original.


Homeopathy relies on the principle that introducing a substance into the body that creates the same side effects as the patient is already experiencing will, in fact, boost the body's ability to fight the initial cause of the side effects. If a person is bitten by a snake, for example, injecting them with trace amounts of a snake venom that would produce a similar reaction will accelerate the body's recovery. This same school of thought is used to create the foundations of the homeopathic hCG diet. Homeopathic hCG is essentially naturally occurring hCG that has been diluted, concentrated, and then diluted again multiple times into an hCG supplement.

The homeopathic hCG diet is not without its controversy. Some critics feel that the hCG becomes too diluted and there is not enough left of the natural substance in the finished supplement to have any kind of effect. They also feel that the only weight loss occurring is a direct result of the 500-calorie diet. Others believe that trace amounts are enough to trigger a homeopathic effect, producing the same results as the highly-concentrated natural hormone. They do agree that a percentage of the weight loss can be attributed to limited calories, but also feel that the hCG supplement helps to reduce the food cravings and feelings of hunger that would typically be associated with such a restricted diet.


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