What Is the Function of Human Resource Management?

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The function of human resource management is to oversee the identification of manpower requirements in an organization with a view to adequately filling the identified needs. Another function of human resource management is to manage the recruitment of manpower and the training or personal development of such employees. The responsibility of human resource management includes the welfare of employees and the continuing evaluation of employees. Keeping up employee morale by developing strategies geared toward achieving this purpose is another function of human resource management.

The human resources department in an organization is usually responsible for identifying any manpower shortage in the organization and then taking the necessary steps toward filling the shortages. This function entails more than just employing people, as it also means that the department must accurately identify those prospective employees with the requisite qualifications necessary for the various positions. The importance of this function of human resource management to any organization lies in the fact that employees with the right talents and knowledge will help the organization perform effectively and achieve a competitive advantage.


One of the ways in which the human resources department can identify qualified candidates is by organizing open houses or other forms of recruitment exercises. They must also follow up with the candidates by calling them on the phone or sending them emails or letters, informing them of the next step to take. Human resource management also demands that the human resources department will make the necessary arrangements if there is any need for the chosen candidates to transfer to other branches in the organization.

It is a function of human resource management to arrange for the training of both new and old employees. When further training is needed in order to promote employees, human resources will make the necessary arrangements for the instruction. They will also identify what safety measure must be taken during employee orientation. For example, employees of workers in production and manufacturing plants must abide by regulatory safety guidelines, which they will be taught during the training. They will also need to be provided with safety equipment such as safety goggles and safety harnesses.

Another function of human resource management is providing incentives to the employees in order to motivate them. Such incentives may be in the form of welfare packages, bonuses or other motivational packages. Incentives are important because they help boost the morale of the employees and motivate them to be more loyal and productive.


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