What is the Difference Between a Toddler Blanket and Baby Blanket?

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Most people will admit to having a favorite blanket they like to curl up under on cold days, but to a small child, a favorite blanket may provide a sense of security and comfort rather than just warmth. Nearly all infants start out with baby blankets and whether they are store bought receiving blankets or handmade knitted blankets, baby blankets are put to good use the first year of life. While the baby blanket serves a practical use, as a child grows into a toddler, he or she may adopt a favorite blanket and even give it a pet name. As a toddler blanket, it takes on a whole new purpose.

Store bought baby blankets are not typically large enough to completely cover a toddler, rendering them rather pointless for serving as added warmth. However, because many children do become attached to their baby blanket, it would be inconsiderate to take it away in exchange for a larger toddler blanket. In many cases, parents elect to purchase toddler bedding and larger blankets for practical warmth and allow their child’s baby blanket to remain a pet item instead.


If, for practical purposes, you would like to utilize your child’s baby blanket as a toddler blanket, there are several ways to achieve this. If you have a hand-knitted baby blanket (or two) you can ask the person who made it for you to enlarge the blanket by knitting a border around the edges. If possible, this will give added sentiment to your toddler’s blanket because it was created and recreated by the same special person.

Another idea for turning baby blankets into a toddler blanket is to sew a quilt out of baby blankets. If you don’t have the skills to accomplish this or know someone who does, consider making a new-sew fleece blanket and have your toddler help choose the fabric. Some toddlers will develop an affection for a new blanket in this way where they had no attachment to their old baby blankets.

Whether or not your child is attached to their old baby blankets or not, as a child outgrows their crib and moves into a “bigger kid” bed, the need for appropriate sized blankets will arise. Since most toddler beds utilize the same mattress used in a baby’s crib, the fitted sheets remain the same, but the child will obviously need bigger blankets to keep them suitably covered during the night. If you and your child have no sentimental attachments to previously used blankets, then this is the ideal time to invest in new bedding or to make your own. Toddler bedding sets include a toddler blanket or comforter, but they are often barely larger than the original baby bedding, so check sizes carefully before you buy.


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