What is the Connection Between Vasectomy and Cancer?

C. Daw

The connection between vasectomy and cancer has been a topic of discussion for numerous years, and the findings are not conclusive enough to confirm that there is a link between the two. Medical researchers have attempted to resolve this question from a scientific and a medical standpoint. The instances of prostate cancer, as well as testicular cancer, have been reported to be increased after a vasectomy procedure has been done. This procedure is a medical operation on men to effectively tie off the tubes that transport sperm, making them sterile. Even though this procedure is done through the testicles, there is no documented proof that it will increase the chances of the patient developing any type of cancer.

Instances of prostate cancer have been said to increase following a vasectomy.
Instances of prostate cancer have been said to increase following a vasectomy.

One of the biggest questions that continue to be raised in the debate about the connection between a vasectomy and cancer deals with prostate conditions. A series of studies were conducted in 1993 in an attempt to prove the allegations that a link did exist. After numerous test subjects, hours of reviewing documented cases, and tons of research, the group found that even though a few cases did support the connection, and that there simply was not enough proof to guarantee that there was a connection. The reasoning behind this, as all the studies performed since then have found, is that there are numerous other variables within the specific case that could be the leading factor, rather than the vasectomy. Since a substantial amount of vasectomy patients were found to have no problems with prostate cancer, the final decision made was that there was not a substantial enough connection to claim that the medical procedure was the cause for any increases in cancer incidents.

The second question in the connection between vasectomy and cancer is raised in the area of testicular cancer. Once again, studies were conducted after people began to raise the question of a link between the two. These studies did show that there was a slightly elevated amount of testicular cancer within men who had a vasectomy, but because of other relevant information within the cases, it could not be considered as the leading factor. After analyzing all the cases, and doing some research into past cases, the professionals within the fields of science and medicine have determined that a strong link between testicular cancer and vasectomies could not be substantiated.

The connection between vasectomy and cancer has been a long debated question throughout recent medical history, and even though increased cancer incidents have occurred, the medical community has not found a way to justify a connection between the two. Prostate cancer and testicular cancer have many other factors that can be attributed to their development.

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