What Is the Connection between Melatonin and Blood Pressure?

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There are some studies which show that melatonin may help control hypertension, or high blood pressure. Exactly why this works is not fully understood, and it is not typically prescribed as a blood pressure medication. The link between melatonin and blood pressure seems to be primarily involved with nocturnal hypertension, or long-term high blood pressure which occurs at night during sleep. Those with this condition involved with the studies performed had significantly lowered blood pressure after being given two milligrams of melatonin when compared with a placebo group.

Although the exact link between melatonin and blood pressure has not been firmly established, it is usually not harmful for most patients to use small amounts of melatonin in supplement form. Melatonin is a chemical naturally produced by the human body. It is secreted by the pineal gland and is manufactured in high quantities when it becomes dark outside to cause sleep. For this reason, melatonin supplements are often sold as sleep aids. They may also be beneficial for certain health conditions, although this depends on the person.


The promising findings regarding melatonin and blood pressure control may lead to recommendations that some patients take melatonin supplements before bed. It is not generally recommended that patients take melatonin during the day, since it can lead to drowsiness and sleepiness. Dosages will vary depending on actual blood pressure and effectiveness. In studies, two milligrams was given to each person, but supplements are sold in doses ranging from one to ten milligrams. It is typically recommended that a patient take the lowest dosage to start and then slowly increase it until desired results are established.

Those who are taking certain medications should not take melatonin supplements since they my interact with the drugs' effectiveness. Patients with certain conditions should also avoid taking melatonin. Anyone who wants to try taking this supplement for blood pressure management should first discuss it with a medical professional. Melatonin and blood pressure treatments aside from medication may have the greatest effects, although a doctor can outline the best course of action for each patient. The use of melatonin may not be suitable for treating all types of hypertension, since most studies have focused primarily on nocturnal high blood pressure.

Patients should follow all doctor guidelines in treating hypertension. Following a healthy diet and exercise plan is also recommended for those with high blood pressure. The use of high dose melatonin and blood pressure medications should lead to severe side effects, including a drop in blood pressure.


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