What is the Connection Between Heartburn and Fatigue?

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There are several possible connections between heartburn and fatigue. Certain conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can cause both painful heartburn symptoms and fatigue. This condition is a “cause and effect” connection because having frequent or especially troublesome heartburn may lead to a lack of sleep and resulting fatigue. The opposite may also be true. Those who suffer from chronic fatigue may be more likely to consume caffeinated beverages like soda or coffee, both of which can lead to heartburn.

Sleep apnea is a condition that can cause both heartburn and fatigue. It is characterized by periods during sleep where breathing stops momentarily. The person wakes up, often without realizing it, to take a breath. These periods of wakefulness throughout the night can lead to non-restorative sleep and fatigue. The ways in which it can contribute to heartburn is not entirely known, but it is a common symptom reported by those suffering from the condition.

Treatment for sleep apnea often includes losing weight, sleeping in a slightly upright position to improve airway flow, and possibly surgery on nasal passages to open the airways. Nasal strips can also be used to treat constricted passages. Patients are also frequently attached to a machine which supplies oxygen through a face mask.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is another common cause of heartburn and fatigue. It is the result of food from the stomach moving upward into the esophagus. This often leads to severe and long-term pain, resulting in a lack of sleep and fatigue. Treatments may include dietary changes, sleeping upright so gravity helps keep food down in the stomach, and taking prescription medications. In some cases, surgery may be performed on the esophageal sphincter muscles to prevent reflux from occurring.

Fatigue causing disorders, such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, may also result in both heartburn and fatigue. This is because sufferers of long-term fatigue often consume foods and beverages that can cause heartburn and indigestion. These include carbonated drinks like sodas and caffeinated ones like coffee. They may also consume more processed foods, sweets, and carbohydrates in an attempt to gain more energy. This can result in heartburn and in turn, even greater fatigue.

Treatment will depend on the underlying condition. Medications, vitamins, and exercise are all possible treatment options. Some illnesses may also cause chronic fatigue, so sufferers should consult a physician for a medical evaluation.


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Post 3

@fBoyle-- Yes, if it's a stomach bacterial infection. This actually happened to me a few years ago. The same symptoms could be caused by parasitic infections as well. You need to see a doctor, especially if you think you might have eaten unclean food or drank unclean water.

I had a stomach bacteria infection when I was in college. I had constant heartburn due to acid reflux, fatigue, nausea and stomach cramps. It was awful and I even suspected that I had stomach ulcers. I was given a breath test by my doctor which showed that I have a stomach bacteria called h.pylori. It's actually a common bacteria but causes severe symptoms in some people. I was treated with antibiotics and the symptoms went away.

These symptoms can also be due to parasitic infection in the intestines. If you traveled abroad recently or ate at dubious restaurants, the risks are high. So see a doctor right away.

Post 2

Can a bacterial infection cause fatigue, heartburn and nausea?

Post 1

Sometimes heartburn and fatigue are related by they're not caused by the same thing.

I have diabetes and I often experience both of these symptoms. Diabetes in general causes fatigue. The medication that I use for my diabetes also causes these symptoms. The medication prevents the absorption of vitamin B12 which makes me very fatigued sometimes. I take vitamin B12 supplements to fight this symptom. The anti-diabetic medication also causes upset stomach and bad heartburn and I have to use antacids on a regular basis.

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