What Is the Connection between Cottage Cheese and Cancer?

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Cancer occurs in many different forms and can affect virtually any part of the body. It can be very difficult, sometimes impossible, to treat. Conventional medicine uses treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation to seek out and destroy cancer cells, but there are other options. One such choice is what is commonly referred to as the Budwig diet, which claims to be able to treat cancer with a special diet. An essential component of this plan is cottage cheese, and advocates of this diet maintain that there is a significant link between cottage cheese and cancer.

Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist, developed her dietary protocol that linked the benefits of dairy foods to the body’s ability to fight cancer. This connection between cottage cheese and cancer first became publicized in the 1950s. While not everyone agrees with Dr. Budwig, medical professionals generally believe that her diet can do no harm.

There are several different components to the Budwig diet. In order for a patient to be successful, he or she must forgo certain foods. The list of things not allowed includes meats, animal fats, certain oils and sugars. Dr. Budwig felt strongly that these foods contributed to problems with cellular structure, function and growth and must be avoided at all costs.


Instead, patients on this diet eat very specific foods on a daily basis. It was Dr. Budwig’s opinion that the cells must be properly nourished in order for the body to be healthy. Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. Plenty of fiber is also needed. Patients must also eat cottage cheese mixed with flaxseed oil every day, in order to fight the effects of cancer and other illnesses.

According to Dr. Budwig, the link between cottage cheese and cancer is that the cottage cheese contains a relatively large amount of sulfur protein. This is thought to be required to help restore normal electrical activity to the cells. Combining it with high-quality flaxseed oil helps to replace the hydrogenated oils that are blocking the cells’ functions with an oil that not only allows but also enhances normal cell activity.

Despite the fact that many medical professionals do not take her work seriously, proponents of the connection between cottage cheese and cancer insist that the proper diet can indeed help a person to recover from some illnesses. Since this diet works at the cellular level it can be an effective treatment for any kind of cancer. It is important to note that the operators of the Budwig Center do not necessarily advise replacing all other cancer treatments with this regimen, but typically suggest that it should be used with other methods.


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