What is the Connection Between Christianity and Reiki?

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The connection between Christianity and Reiki is two-sided and complex. Reiki is a therapeutic relaxation and healing technique developed in Japan by Usui Mikao. On one side, some Christians believe that the practice of the "healing art" of Reiki runs counter to their beliefs because of its origins, and because they feel all comfort should come from God only. Others believe that the practice of Reiki healing is a way to bring them closer to their faith by allowing them to emulate the examples of Jesus as chronicled in the Bible. They also feel that the healing energy used in Reiki could possibly be the Holy Spirit.

Reiki is described by practitioners as a method for relaxation and stress reduction that utilizes natural "life energy." It is also reputed to promote general good health and healing of many ailments. Individuals who practice Reiki say they can channel this energy, allowing it to flow through their hands and into the person they are helping. Often this technique is credited with healing a range of physical problems in addition to promoting relaxation.


Depending upon an individual's belief system, the connection between Christianity and Reiki varies widely. On one side, there are many who believe that there is no connection between Christianity and Reiki, and that the practice contradicts Christian beliefs and teachings. Those who feel this way have many reasons for this stance such as that Reiki has origins in Japan with its non-Christian religions. They may believe that any practice that lacks Christian roots should not be encouraged.

Others who believe that Christianity and Reiki are fundamentally opposed base their arguments on the assumption that if Reiki is not from God, it must be counter to his will. They feel that if they practice Reiki techniques, or seek assistance from practitioners, they are going against God's will. The belief that all comfort and healing must come from God only is frequently expressed.

Other individuals believe that Christianity and Reiki are not inconsistent, but can exist in harmony. They believe that therapeutic Reiki techniques can bring them closer to God by helping others. Some claim that it can strengthen their faith by allowing them to follow the examples set by Jesus in the Bible; on many occasions he helped others through his teachings and by performing miracles. Certain individuals maintain that the energy used in Reiki must be from God or may even be God in the form of the Holy Spirit flowing through practitioners of the art. Others may feel that the very nature of helping others and bringing comfort through Reiki makes it an appropriate practice that would have the approval of a loving God, and that the easing of another's suffering makes it a compassionate Christian act.


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The connection between christianity and reiki is that they are both completely nonsensical fabrications, without any grounding in reality whatsoever. They may very well both provide feelings of relief and comfort, as do countless other deceptions which employ the placebo effect. The "four humours" theory of medicine was practised for centuries, and many of its proponents clung viciously to its tenets after its eventual disapproval, presumably because of its past "successes".

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