What is the Connection Between Chakras and Crystals?

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Chakras are a concept that originated in the Hindu religion. Chakras are often pictured as wheel-shaped entities in different colors that are thought of as gateways to the soul. Some people are thought to have the ability to see them. Many experts consider chakras to represent various feelings and thoughts, also called "energies." Crystals are used in conjunction with an awareness of the placement and significance of chakras to promote healing and higher consciousness. This procedure is often performed for those who suffer from mental, emotional, and physical pain.

There are seven different chakras located at different parts of the body. Each chakra is said to have a different function and is pictured in a different color. Chakras and crystals are matched to help cure individuals of certain illnesses and pains.

Proponents of the healing properties involving chakras and crystals often believe that all pain begins through lapses in emotional and mental well being. Chakras, being representative of our thoughts and feelings, must be worked on through the use of crystals. Therefore, certain healing crystals are placed on parts of the body where certain chakras may appear.

For example, if an individual has problems that are related to his or her ability to communicate, proponents of this concept believe that the chakra that is located around the ear or throat is the area on which the crystal should be placed. This chakra for communication is considered to be the fifth chakra and it is the color blue.


The relationship between chakras and crystals can be complex since there are different problems that one may have with a certain function, such as communication. There are different healing crystals that may be applied to the chakra. If the individual believes that he or she needs to communicate truth without fear or reservation, then a blue topaz crystal may be placed on the chakra. Likewise, if the individual has problems communicating with those whom he or she has close or intimate relationships, then a larimar crystal is placed on the fifth chakra.

Chakras and crystals may also be used in balancing meditations. These are activities in which an individual will place the proper crystals or stones on all of the chakras. This act is said to create an overall sense of calm and well being. It is also used to heighten one's awareness of chakras or energies that might be out of balance or impaired.


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