What is the Body Sculpting Bible?

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The Body Sculpting Bible is a series of books co-written primarily by James Villepigue and Hugo A. Rivera. The books generally promote a 14-day plan consisting of a regimen of diet and exercise designed to reduce body fat and tone the muscles, giving the body a more sculpted look overall. This type of program is commonly referred to as a body sculpting diet. Although there are several variations targeting specific audiences, such as brides or people who want to look good in a swimsuit, the main books are "The Body Sculpting Bible for Men" and "The Body Sculpting Bible for Women."

All of The Body Sculpting Bible books follow several basic principles, with certain differences depending on the audience targeted by the particular book. The first main idea is following a nutritional meal plan. The books provide a guide of what foods to eat in order to decrease body fat, plus other nutrition tips. They also offer recipes, meal plans, and information on what foods to eat in conjunction with workouts to get the best results.


The second main principle of body sculpting outlined in books is the exercise regimen. In order to decrease fat and tone muscles to gain the desired look, both aerobic workouts and weight training are necessary. A fitness routine and workout charts are provided, including different variations on many exercises and ways to target specific areas of the body. There are also tips on things to do to improve workouts, such as warm-ups, breathing techniques, and stretching exercises.

The books also focus on the importance of mental state and attitude when it comes to following their plan. They discuss setting expectations and visualizing results, as well as other techniques to mentally prepare and stick with the regimen. In The Body Sculpting Bible, having the right mindset is critical for success.

In addition to the main diet plan, the books offer many extra tips, tools, and helpful pieces of advice to readers. An instructional DVD is included to demonstrate the correct form to use during exercise. The authors go over other topics related to good health and fitness, such as taking vitamin and mineral supplements and the need to get adequate rest. Dieting myths and mistakes are reviewed and set straight. Extra help is provided for groups with different needs than the average reader, such as teenagers, pregnant women, and seniors.


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