What is the Best Way to Shave Legs?

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The best way to shave legs is with a sharp razor and a moisturizing lotion. While lotions made especially for shaving may be used, many people find that thick gels or foams tend to build up in the razor's blades. Too much buildup may cause dull blades. During shaving, the blades should be rinsed off with water frequently to ensure a sharper and closer shave. A dull razor should never be used to shave legs; shaving should also not be done without water and lotion.

Some areas on the legs, such as the knees and ankles, are bony and difficult to shave. If the razor is dull it may take several passes over these difficult areas to remove all the hair; shaving over a section of skin more than once makes the area more susceptible to being cut. It's better to use a good quality razor with sharp blades and make single, careful strokes on the skin to remove hair. To shave legs smoothly, the razor strokes should always move upwards; that is, opposite to the direction of leg hair growth.

Hair conditioner or moisturizing skin lotion should be placed on the legs before shaving them in the bath or shower. It's not the best idea to shave legs without having them immersed in water, although it can be done with lotion and rinsing water alone. Having the water from a shower or bath on the legs during shaving, as well as lotion, is the best way to avoid cutting the skin.

Good quality razors should be used to shave legs. The blades should be changed regularly to avoid dullness. Some razors designed for leg shaving have easy grip contours or textured rubber sections to help prevent the razor from slipping out of the hand.

After shaving, the legs should be patted dry with a towel. A hand-held mirror can help locate any missed areas, such as on the back of the leg. Those sections can be shaved again carefully with a little more water and lotion. A layer of skin moisturizer should be added to the legs to prevent the skin from drying out from the effects of shaving and water.

Some people find that the best way to shave legs to avoid missing spots is to sit on a shower stool. Sitting while using a hand-held shower head to wet and rinse legs makes it easier to reach each leg with the razor. It also allows each leg to be more easily turned for removing hair on hard to reach areas such as the ankles.

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Post 3

@SarahGen-- Are you bending your knees while shaving them? For parts of the body that have excess skin like the knees and the armpits, you need to make sure that the surface of the skin is completely flat before shaving. Otherwise, you're going to get a lot of cuts.

For your knees, bend them and use short, gentle strokes with lots of shaving gel. For your armpits, extend your arm up and make sure that underarm skin is totally flat before using a razor. It takes some practice, so keep trying.

When you do get cuts make sure to wash with soapy water and apply antibiotic cream on the cuts. And always change razors after a cut.

Post 2

How often should I shave my legs? Right now, I shave once every three days. Is this normal?

I'm wondering because I've been going through a lot of razors. I don't like lotion type products for shaving. I use a shaving gel, I think it gives me the easiest shave and it protects my skin. But I think it's making my razor dull because I can only use a razor for one week. It's starting to cost a lot so I'm trying to figure out what I need to do differently.

How frequently do you ladies usually shave? What types of shaving products do you prefer?

Post 1

I always cut my knees while shaving them. This is the only area I have problems with. How can I avoid this?

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