What is the Best Way to Relieve Breast Pain in Pregnancy?

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Many women experience breast pain in pregnancy, and though it is considered normal, it can be bothersome. Fortunately, it is possible to reduce breast tenderness without seeing a doctor or spending much money. For example, cold and warm compresses can both relieve pain, though acetaminophen can also help. Exercising regularly can reduce discomfort, particularly when a good sports bra is worn. Finally, keeping the body free of excess fluids is a good idea to keep sore breasts at bay, and this can be achieved by drinking lots of water while reducing salt.

Most people think of warm compresses when they are considering pain relief methods, as warmth is frequently used to get rid of cramps, muscle aches, and breast pain. Women interested in using heat to relieve breast pain while pregnant can apply a heating pad to the chest, or take a warm bath. It should be noted, though, that particularly hot or long baths should be avoided due to the dangers of overheating while pregnant. Alternatively, some women prefer cold compresses when it comes to relieving pain, in which case they can use a bag that contains ice cubes, frozen vegetables, or a cold gel pack. Either way, it should be covered with a towel and then placed on the breasts for a few minutes at a time, removing it once the area is numb.


Bloating can lead to breast tenderness during pregnancy, which is why ridding the body of excess fluid can solve the issue. Though it seems counterintuitive, making sure to drink enough water can help the body flush it out more effectively. This is because the body tends to hold onto fluids when it is not getting enough, while sufficient water intake can assure it that it will not run out of fluid. Reducing salt intake is another method that can decrease bloating, allowing women to get rid of breast pain in pregnancy.

While some patients assume that they should not exercise during pregnancy, it is actually often recommended that they work out regularly. Not only can this keep the body healthy in general, but it can also reduce breast pain in pregnancy. Of course, the workout should be less strenuous than the typical routine, and a supportive sports bra should be worn. In fact, wearing a supportive bra in general can help relieve breast pain in pregnancy. If the breasts still feel tender despite a good bra, a pain reliever that is safe for pregnant women, such as acetaminophen, can be taken.


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Post 6

@Ana1234-- I absolutely agree with you! My breasts went up two cup sizes when I was pregnant. Tight bras gave me more discomfort than hormone changes.

Post 5

Does anyone get sharp pains in one or both of their breasts? I've had this problem for a while and my doctor thinks that it's the baby putting pressure on nerves under my breast. I don't want to take pain relievers, so I'm not sure what to do.

Post 4

I learned a great trick for relieving sore, painful breasts when I was pregnant. A friend of mine told me to take cabbage leaves and put them in the freezer. When my breasts started to ache, I would take a couple of cabbage leaves and place them inside my bra so that they covered my breasts entirely.

It was so effective, the soreness and pain would be gone in about twenty minutes. I highly recommend this for women who are going through breast pain during and after pregnancy.

Post 3

@pleonasm - Whether or not it's natural has nothing to do with whether a person can do something about pain. If they have pain, they should go to the doctor about it.

I come from a family of people who sit around and talk about how much they are suffering from various conditions, but refuse to seek help for their suffering. It really annoys me, especially when modern medicine is probably more than capable of knocking a bit of pregnancy breast pain on the head.

And your doctor will be able to tell you whether any medication you take is safe for your fetus as well, so you don't have to worry about that.

Post 2

I've heard that cabbage leaves are good for pain in the breasts while breastfeeding. I have no idea if they work personally, but my cousin swears by them, so they must work for some people. I do wonder if it's just the cooling effect of the leaf or if there is a chemical in there that does something.

I've heard that one of the earliest signs of pregnancy is a little bit of pain in the breasts so I do wonder if it's just a natural state and there's not much people can do about it.

Post 1

It's a good idea to try and find an extremely comfortable bra when your breasts are tender like this. One made from natural fibers and without seams, if possible.

To be honest, I think it's better to go without a bra altogether if you're experiencing breast pain during pregnancy, although it seems counter intuitive, as your breasts might be growing a little bit. Just do whatever you need to in order to make them feel better, because pregnancy can be uncomfortable enough without adding to the pain.

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