What is the Best Way to Kill Beetles?

Patrick Lynch

Among the best tips to kill beetles includes finding and destroying the larvae which appear towards the end of autumn and take several months to hatch. It is also possible to kill beetles by walking around the garden and removing them by hand but this is too time consuming. Instead, mix water with pesticide and spray it all over the garden. Japanese beetles can be killed by adding garlic to this mixture.

Different types of beetles.
Different types of beetles.

Beetles are a major problem during the warmer months of the year. Larvae are laid towards the beginning of fall and hatch during late spring or in the summer. The best way to kill beetles is to find a way to stop the larvae from hatching during the warmer months. Failure to do this could see a small population of beetles transform into an uncontrollable amount within a few weeks. Even the best preventative measures will not work completely so killing the remaining amount is the next step.

Some species of beetle devour the leaves and roots of garden plants.
Some species of beetle devour the leaves and roots of garden plants.

Another way to kill beetles is to walk around the garden just after sunrise and manually pick them off the plants. They should then be thrown into a bucket of soapy water. This method is only useful if the beetle population is very small.

It is likely that there will be too many beetles to kill manually in any case. To tackle a larger amount, buy an environmentally friendly pesticide and mix it with water. Place the solution into a container and start rigorously spraying this mixture on every plant in the garden.

To avoid missing out on any beetles, work in sections. Spray the solution carefully on the plants, being careful not to miss any areas. Missing any spots will see some beetles survive who will create hundreds more pests. Finish by spraying the pesticide around the perimeter of the home, ensuring no beetles are able to survive by crawling into cracks.

It is possible to kill Japanese beetles which are renowned for eating the roots of plants in the same manner but with one small addition. Japanese beetles hate garlic so add hot pepper and garlic cloves to the pesticide-and-water solution. The new additions to the solution will not affect the culling of regular beetles.

Hanging traps near plants where beetles generally converge is another way to kill the insects. Empty these traps on a regular basis. The primary way to kill beetles, however, is still to stop them at their source. Any beetle larvae that are spotted in the garden should be destroyed immediately. This will stop the beetle population from growing quickly.

Certain species of beetles can be killed by adding garlic to the pesticide.
Certain species of beetles can be killed by adding garlic to the pesticide.

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