What is the Best Way to Burn Fat?

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The best way to burn fat is through aerobic exercise that increases the heart rate. In fact, the only way to burn fat is through aerobic exercise; though weight training is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, it will not do very much to encourage weight loss. In addition, eating a healthy diet is also a good way to lose weight and burn fat.

There are many infomercials and advertisements that promise they are selling the best way to burn fat, by taking a supplement, drinking a special tea, or eating a snack bar. It is the responsibility of the consumer to research these products and the claims they are making to determine if they could truly make a difference, or if they are just hype. Many of them are largely unfounded, and could even cause harm to the body if used to excess. For this reason, it is best not to look for a shortcut for the best way to burn fat.

The best way to burn fat through aerobic exercise is to make it a regular habit. Sporadic aerobic exercise will not have the positive effect that regular exercise will, and will not encourage very much weight loss. It is often recommended that one work out for between 30 minutes and one hour per day, five days per week. One might choose to start slower at the beginning, and gradually increase frequency and duration as physical fitness improves.


There are a number of different types of aerobic exercise that can be fun and encourage fat burning. Jogging, brisk walking, bicycling, or swimming are all activities that offer aerobic benefits as well as a fun way to pass the time. In addition, it is also possible to take classes at a gym such as aerobics, dance, kickboxing, or spinning, just to name a few. Just because aerobic exercise is the best way to burn fat does not mean that strength training should not be incorporated as well; it is important for muscular strength and for maintaining bone density.

Of course, aerobic exercise is not a free pass to eat anything one wants. It won't be easy or even possible to burn fat while eating an unhealthy diet, so be sure to keep that in mind, and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and sources of lean protein such as chicken or fish. Exercise and a healthy eating plan are the single best ways to burn fat, and the only ways that will keep the fat off once it has been lost.


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