What is the Best Way to Arrange Flowers?

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Fresh flowers are a beautiful addition to any space, and they can be arranged in a number of ways to complement a decor or enhance the look of the individual flowers. However, special care must be taken before beginning an arrangement. A freshly scrubbed bucket to serve as a holding vessel is needed to arrange flowers, and all containers should be rinsed with a mild solution of chlorine bleach to kill any bacteria, then rinsed with clear water to ensure no bleach or chemicals remain that could harm the flowers.

To begin, gather the flowers to be arranged and place them in the bucket. Remove any leaves or foliage that will be immersed in water, and cut stems on a slant under running water. Assess the stems and determine which will require a wire support. Wires can be used to prevent drooping as well as to lengthen stems. To adhere the wire, hold it against the stem and attach a piece of floral tape near the top. Holding the floral tape taut, twirl the stem so that the tape wraps around the length of the wire from top to bottom. Using this method to arrange flowers is an easy way to adjust the length of stems as needed to fit a particular arrangement.


To arrange flowers in a tall vase in a way that keeps them in a specific position requires yet another florist's tool. The easiest to work with is waterproof tape. Simply create a grid at the top of a vase or other container and flowers are easily arranged and held in specific spots. Other options include chicken wire and crossbar slings, but they do essentially the same job as the tape and are a bit more finicky to work with.

Alternatively or in conjunction with waterproof tape, floral foam can be used. This is especially handy for shorter stemmed flowers to be arranged in a shallow container. The foam should be soaked in water and a preservative solution, then covered with greenery before stems are slid in. Flowers can then be tilted or placed in any direction desired and are firmly in place in the event the arrangement will be moved.

The container used to arrange flowers is another consideration. There are no rules in this area, and it's best to pick whichever container suits the flowers, setting, or theme. Creativity is encouraged. Containers that are not waterproof can even be used, but a glass or liner must be inserted. The best way to arrange flowers is really up to the individual. The best arrangements are those made with favorite, in-season flowers and unique containers that please the floral artist.


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