What is the Best Way to Apply Red Lipstick?

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Applying red lipstick can be a little intimidating for many women. While there really is a shade of red lip tint that flatters every woman, if it's not applied correctly, lips reminiscent of a circus clown may easily be the result. The good news is that knowing just a few simple application tips can help create perfect red lips.

Red is a bold lipstick color that tends to highlight lines and dry skin. Investing in some good quality lip moisturizer helps create a smooth base for red lipstick. Lip gloss and balm shouldn't be worn as a base coat; their thick, shiny texture may prevent a smooth, even lipstick application. Instead, a moisturizing cream that can be gently rubbed into the lips and absorbed, followed by a lipstick that contains moisturizers should be used. Moisturizing types of lipsticks often contain vitamin E or glycerin in their ingredient list.


Generally speaking, people tend to be drawn to colors that best suit them, so selecting a flattering red lipstick isn't usually a problem. Too-bright shades may be blotted with a tissue to tone down the intensity. Women with cooler skin tones may be better suited to lipstick shades with a bit of a blue or pink undertone, while those with warmer coloring look better in colors with golden or orange undertones. Many red lipsticks have names that relate to skin tone compatibility such as "Warm Cinnamon" and "Iced Apple." Lip colors labeled as "true" or "mid-tone" mean a balance between cool and warm shades; almost anyone can wear these.

Different shades of red lipstick blended together and applied with a brush may provide the ideal unique solution for each individual woman. The important thing is to find a lip liner pencil that matches the color exactly, though. Lining the mouth just inside, never outside, the lip line before applying lipstick in the exact same color is a crucial tip. The lipstick should be applied with a brush starting from the center of the lips outward. Some time spent experimenting with red lipsticks as well as liners and brushes can produce flattering looks for every individual.

Keeping the rest of the makeup subdued when wearing red lipstick is absolutely essential in avoiding a clownish look. Neutral eyeshadow, plus mascara and a little cheek color in a natural shade are enough to support red lips. A little shimmer in the eyeshadow is suitable. While the lip liner pencil should always match the lipstick exactly, clothing and nail color should not. Matching nails and clothes to lipstick tends to look uninteresting as well as unsophisticated.


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Post 2

For my money, the absolute *best* red lipstick ever is Revlon's Cherries in the Snow. It's a gorgeous blue red and it's been in their color palette probably for 50 years. For girls who need a warmer red, classic Revlon Red is a great choice. That's another of their long-time colors.

A lip brush is always good for applying red lipstick because of the extra control you have over the amount and placement. Lipstick is he best anyway. I love it.

Post 1

See, I have to disagree with a matching lip liner for red lipstick. It can make the color too intense. I use a lip liner that matches my natural lip color. This creates a long-wearing base and also helps keep the lipstick where it belongs.

Red lipstick is my favorite of all cosmetics, and it can really set off a woman's "face." For summer, a sheer red lipstick is great, in case you think red is only for winter.

Korres has a fabulous red lipstick in their mango butter line. It gives coverage without looking heavy. It's my favorite summer lipstick.

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