What is the Best Treatment for a Sore Throat on One Side?

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The best treatment for a sore throat on one side will depend on the cause of the soreness. A wide range of things can lead to sore throat, including viral infections, tonsillitis, bacterial infections, food particles stuck in the back of the mouth, and thrush. The best course of action will depend on which culprit is to blame, but most sore throats will be helped by avoiding loud talking or singing, getting plenty of rest, and drinking hot tea with honey.

Viral infections are one of the most common causes of a sore throat. There is no medication that can kill a virus, so it must be destroyed by the body’s own immune system. Healing can be sped up by taking immune boosting supplements like vitamin C, getting plenty of rest, and taking an over-the-counter pain reliever to ease discomfort.

Bacterial infections and fungal or yeast infection of the mouth and throat can usually be treated using medications. In order to be treated effectively, patients may need to be treated to determine which type of pathogen is responsible for the pain on one side of the throat. This allows the medication given to target the correct irritant.


Sometimes, allergens and other environmental irritants can cause sore throat on one side. In some individuals, this can cause drainage that can irritate the sensitive tissues of the throat and it sometimes causes the tonsils to swell. Taking an over-the-counter allergy medicine can usually help most people, and it is also good for them to avoid allergens when possible. Common allergens include pollen, dust, mold, mildew, and pet dander.

There are several medications and other items that can be used to alleviate sore throat pain until the underlying issue is gone. Pain medications can reduce soreness. Throat sprays are available that help numb the sore area, and lozenges may help as well. Cold, allergy, and flu medications are also available to help treat the underlying causes.

Natural treatments can include hot tea with honey, vitamins, and slippery elm. Natural throat lozenges, lollipops, and other products are available from health food stores and online. If sore throat persists for longer than a few days or is accompanied by other symptoms that do not clear up within a week, individuals should speak to a medical professional for guidance on treatment.


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Since mucus usually runs from sinuses down both sides of your throat, throat pain on just one side may be a symptom of an ear infection or even a toothache.

If this problem persists, especially in children, a doctor might elect to put tubes in your ear to keep the fluid draining properly and keep it from getting backed up and affecting the inner ear, jaw and throat area.

A tooth problem could cause pain in the entire side of the face and neck where the offending tooth is located. A root canal or tooth extraction may be necessary to alleviate this problem.

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