What is the Best Remedy for Tonsillitis?

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While tonsillitis can cause significant amounts of pain, the remedies are usually highly successful. Typically, the most common remedy for tonsillitis is surgery to remove the infected tonsils. Those who are not good candidates for a tonsillectomy may instead use antibiotics for tonsillitis caused by a bacterial infection. Throat lozenges and hot tea may also help to ease the symptoms of the condition.

As the name suggests, tonsillitis is a condition characterized by an infection of the tonsils, which are located at the back of the throat. While this condition occurs most often in children, it can also sometimes appear later in life. In most mild cases, the best remedy for tonsillitis is a combination of pain relievers and sore throat treatments to relieve the symptoms.

For chronic or reoccurring cases, the best remedy for tonsillitis is usually the surgical removal of the tonsils, otherwise known as a tonsillectomy. Tonsillectomies are typically most effective when they are performed on children, especially those who have already suffered from several severe throat infections. These surgeries, however, can also be performed with success on adults who are experiencing the symptoms of tonsillitis. In adults, it is usually only recommended as a last resort when the other, less aggressive remedies for tonsillitis do not prove successful. While tonsillectomies were once seen as a dangerous procedure, they are now done with little risk in an outpatient settings.


For less serious cases, medications may be prescribed as a remedy for tonsillitis. Typically, the only tonsil infection that will respond to medications are those which are caused by bacterial infections, which may respond to antibiotics. In addition, mild painkillers may be given in order to decrease pain associated with the condition. Patients under the age of 12 years often receive only minimal amounts of medications, as they can lead to other, more serious medical conditions.

Many patients who are encouraged to try less invasive remedies for tonsillitis. One of the most common remedy for tonsillitis is the use of throat lozenges. Throat lozenges have been found to be highly effective in relieving the symptoms of tonsillitis due to their ability to increase saliva production, which coats the throat and decreases the symptoms of the condition. Research has found that honey may also help those suffering from tonsillitis. When added to hot tea or even water, it can prove just as effective as throat lozenges.


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My grandfather swore by gargling with warm water and salt when he had a case of tonsillitis. He said that it always helped to soothe his sore throat pain. It's a good, easy remedy to try, if you can gargle.

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If you are suffering from a case of tonsillitis, it is important to save your voice! Try to talk as little as possible until you have recovered, because talking will only make your throat pain worse. If you must talk, keep it to a whisper that won't further irritate your throat and vocal cords.

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Once you have visited your doctor to rule out a serious case of tonsillitis that requires stronger medications, some of the best remedies are natural and free. Getting plenty of rest, taking cough syrup, and drinking tea with lemon and honey will all help you recover quickly from this uncomfortable illness.

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