What is the Best Remedy for Toenail Fungus?

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The best remedy for toenail fungus will likely depend on a person's budget and the severity of the infection. Natural remedies, topical treatments, oral medications and even surgery can be solutions to stubborn toenail fungus infections. Which particular remedy for toenail fungus is chosen will often influence the success rate of toenail fungus removal. Choosing the right toenail fungus removal treatment is extremely important if a patient wants to see improvement within a specific amount of time.

Natural remedies for toenail fungus abound. Their efficacy, however, is questionable. Results with these types of treatments can vary and can depend on the individual. They can also require more treatment time than their prescription counterparts. Tea tree oil is one of these popular natural treatments, and many people report seeing improvement many months after initial treatment.

Topical toenail fungus treatments are probably the most common. Varnishes, gels and creams that are applied to the nail can often help treat an infection. These treatments are usually reserved for toenail fungus infections that are mild, because success with topical treatments is rare with many people. This is because the penetration required for the anti-fungal medication to work is not likely to be achieved without having to manipulate the nail through professional sanding, drilling or even surgery.


Some toenail fungus infections might require the use of oral prescription medications. These medications can clear up toenail fungus, but they can also pose a risk of damage to the liver. Checking the state of a patient's liver before starting these medications is recommended.

Surgery is often a last resort for those who are looking for a remedy for toenail fungus. Removal of the entire toenail can be costly and can create discomfort for a patient. Toenail removal is considered to be a remedy for toenail fungus only when the fungus has not responded to any other treatments. To be a candidate for toenail removal, patients also usually have to experience problems because of the shape and size of their toenail.

It's important to realize that toenail fungus infections can need up to six months of treatment before they are cleared up. For this reason, people who suffer from toenail fungus will have to exercise diligence when attempting to use a toenail fungus cure. Stopping treatment before the remedy for toenail fungus works can result in fungus that remains on the nail. It's not uncommon for treatments to last six months or even a year.


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Post 3

My husband has been having trouble with toenail fungus for awhile now. We have tried all sorts of toenail fungus home remedies but they don't seem to be working very well. Has anyone tried the new laser treatment for toenail fungus?

I have been reading a bit about the treatment online and I can't tell whether it is just a scam or not. I would be thrilled though if getting rid of toenail fungus could really be done in just a couple of treatments. While the laser therapy is expensive I would certainly pay the money if I knew it worked. It's much better than spending months trying to kill the toe fungus yourself.

Post 2

@letshearit - The reason treating toenail fungus takes so long is that you have to wait for the nail to grow out completely to make sure you only have healthy nail left. You really need to give yourself time to cure toenail fungus. On average it can take around 6 months to a year to get rid of it completely, though some people struggle with the condition for years.

I wouldn't worry about swimming though. The chlorine in pool water will keep you from spreading the fungus around. Plus, if you wear shower shoes you'll protect others as well.

You need to find a treatment for toenail fungus and stick with it. Tea tree oil on the area twice a day works quite well.

Post 1

Can anyone recommend a home remedy for toenail fungus that doesn't take a really long time to work?

It seems that all the cures for toenail fungus I have read about sound like they'll take months to do the job. With a beach vacation coming up I want to make sure that my feet are sandal ready and I don't have to hide my toes in public. Plus, I want healthy feet so I can go into the public pools without spreading my fungus to other people. I would feel horrible if someone else contracted my problem because I didn't take the proper precaution.

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