What is the Best Remedy for Aching Muscles?

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Aching muscles can result from a number of things. Aching may occur when an injury or strain affects certain muscles within the body. Excessive exercising can leave muscles sore and overworked. More serious situations may be revealed through a medical diagnosis that involves an infection or different diseases or disorders.

Acetaminophen or ibuprofen are over-the-counter pain relievers that can relieve sore, aching muscles. Applying ice or cold compresses immediately after an injury can reduce any swelling and help numb the pain. Applying hot compresses can be soothing if the muscle is still aching a few days later. Medicated creams can also be purchased and rubbed into the affected area. Depending on the type of cream that is purchased, it will leave a hot or a cold sensation in the muscle and help relieve the pain.

Regular exercise and stretching increases the strength and flexibility within the aching muscles. Performing water aerobics gives the body an even resistance and is less strenuous on the muscles. Doing yoga is a great benefit to aching muscles. It can help build concentration, flexibility and strength within the entire body. Physical therapy may be needed to help target specific areas with certain toning exercises and strengthen weakened muscles.


Getting proper rest allows the body to recover and can relieve the aching muscles as well. Deep breathing and meditation can clear the mind and relieve stress from the body. When we experience stress, the muscles within our body tighten and cause aching. Soaking in a warm bath or massaging the sore area will increase the flow of oxygen in the bloodstream inside the muscles, promoting the natural healing process.

Serious medical conditions, sicknesses and medications can cause aching muscles. Having a deficiency with the electrolyte balances in the body or having too little potassium or calcium can cause muscles to ache. Drinking liquids with added electrolytes can help restore the balance within the body. Eating a well-balanced diet or taking vitamin and mineral supplements on a daily basis can eliminate any potassium or calcium deficiency.

Diseases such as fibromyalgia, lupus, rhabdomyolysis, polymyositis and polymyalgia rheumatica can cause severe aching muscles. Viral and bacterial infections can cause various aches and pains throughout the muscles in the body. These infections may include influenza, malaria, Lyme disease, an abscess, polio, trichinosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. All of these medical conditions should be discussed with a medical professional to decide which treatment is best for each situation.


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Post 2

Sneakers41 - I have to agree. I have used muscle rub for my lower back pain and it works great. I also like the suggestion of working out in a pool. When I developed a running injury, I worked out in a pool.

I swam and took water aerobics classes because I had to exercise but I also needed to allow my legs to recover. The nice thing about exercising in the water is that the water protects you from injury and provides a great level of resistance. I also think that it is refreshing.

Post 1

I wanted to add that I used to get aching leg muscles from lifting weights and I would use muscle rub in order to help ease the pain.

You can buy muscle rub in any drug store or grocery store and the way that it works is that it provides heat to the area in which it is applied and it sort of numbs the area so that you no longer feel pain. The only bad thing about it is the smell, but it does offer pain relief pretty fast.

I know that muscle pain comes with the territory when you exercise, but keeping a pack of muscle rub does come in handy when the pain is a little too much.

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