What is the Best Remedy for a Cough?

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Coughing is a natural reflex the body uses to clear the airways and throat. Although, it may be hard to believe while it's happening, coughing is actually a way of helping the body stay healthy. The development of a cough can be a very bothersome thing. It can essentially interfere with every aspect of everyday life, from talking to eating to sleeping. Often, it is difficult to come up with an effective remedy for a cough and, in some cases, an individual may have to try more than one remedy to get some relief.

In most cases, the remedy for a cough will depend on its cause. One of the most common causes of a cough is the common cold. Coughing is one of the usual symptoms of this condition. To get cough relief for a common cold, one could try purchasing some over-the-counter cough medicine. Staying hydrated can also suppress a cough; therefore, it will be important to drink lots of liquids as well.

An upper respiratory infection can also cause coughing. Bronchitis is a common type of upper respiratory infection. In most cases, this kind of cough will not be dry, as is commonly the case of coughs that accompany a cold. Most coughs caused by an infection will result in coughing up phlegm. The best remedy for a cough of this nature is to make an appointment with a doctor who will generally prescribe antibiotics for the condition.


Sometimes people with asthma suffer from coughing. Asthma is a condition in which the airways become inflamed. As a result of the inflammation, a person may encounter many symptoms, including tightness in the chest, coughing and shortness of breath. The symptoms of this condition may be intensified during an asthma attack. A remedy for a cough due to asthma is typically the usage of an inhaler.

Often, a person with sinus problems will experience coughing. The coughing may be a reaction to postnatal dripping. As the sinuses drain into the back of the throat, this may cause a great deal of irritation, which can cause coughing. A person with this problem may get a remedy for a cough by using over-the-counter antihistamines. The antihistamines may be helpful in stopping the postnatal dripping causing the cough.

Regardless of the cause, sleeping with the head elevated is generally a good remedy for a cough that is particularly bothersome at night. It can be hard to sleep with a pesky cough, but elevating the head may be a successful nighttime cough treatment. When in doubt, the best way to treat a cough is to be examined by a doctor. As a trained health care professional, he or she can provide the best remedy for a cough. Additionally, coughs that are long lasting and fail to improve with less invasive measures should be inspected by a medical professional, as a serious underlying condition could be the cause.


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Post 3

The best remedy for a cough is to boil water, put it in a basin with a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Then a towel should be put over it and the head under the towel. The steam is breathed in for at least ten minutes. It's okay to take breaks in between because it can be difficult to do. It causes coughing to worsen at first and a lot of phlegm will come up. But once the process is over, the congestion will be gone, the airways will be soothed and the cough will be lessened.

A heat pack should also be applied on the back, where the lungs are. These remedies can make a cold go away very quickly.

Post 2

I use cinnamon as a cough remedy. I boil hot water and add a tablespoon of cinnamon in it. My cinnamon is very sweet and it's fresh. I don't even need to add sugar to this drink because it tastes so good as it is. This must be the most comforting tea ever and it literally makes my cough disappear. I highly recommend it.

Post 1

I think the best remedy for a cough is sipping on something every time coughing starts. My mom is a nurse and whenever I had a cold with a cough as a child, she would have me sip on water throughout the day. She said that sipping on water reduces coughing and also helps the body get rid of the bacteria faster. But the water should be at room temperature, it should never be cold.

Another remedy that my mom always used was mint tea with lemon and honey. She would make the tea from dried or fresh mint, squeeze a slice of lemon in it and add honey. It always worked wonders. If I had this tea before bedtime, I could get a good night's sleep without coughing.

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