What is the Best Homeopathic Headache Relief?

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Headaches are a common ailment suffered by many people. While there are many over-the-counter medications available, some people prefer alternative treatments such as homeopathic healing. This typically means the source and root of the headache is looked at, along with the symptoms. Homeopathic headache relief can be achieved by observing the sufferer’s consumption habits, emotional state and other health ailments. The best type of homeopathic method to treat headaches depends on the type of headache the person has.

Homeopathic doctors typically divide headaches into several categories in order to identify them. Migraine headaches are some of the most painful and have a pounding or cluster-like pain. Their treatment usually consists of a holistic diagnosis of the sufferer’s current situation, such as nutritional deficiency, low blood sugar, allergies, overworking, not enough sleep or rest and excessive smoking or drinking. Some of the best homeopathic headache relief treatments for these types include grinding grapes and drinking the fresh juice, taking 100 milligrams of niacin, placing compressed cabbage leaves on the forehead and applying a paste of ground up lemon crusts on the forehead.


Tension headaches are common, and homeopathic doctors usually look at the sufferer’s lifestyle, emotional state and nutritional regimen first. Lack of sleep and exercise, stress, poor eating habits, anxiety and sedentary lifestyles might contribute to these types of headaches. Homeopathic headache relief from these causes can include acupuncture, aromatherapy (using relaxation essential oils such as lavender or jasmine), massage therapy and even chiropractic treatment if poor spinal alignment is identified at the root of the headache.

Some of the best treatments for hangover or caffeine withdrawal headaches are found in homeopathic medicine as well. Many of these headaches are caused by dehydration and can be cured simply by drinking more water throughout the day. If the root cause is alcohol, homeopathic headache relief can be found in drinking juices high in Vitamin C or consuming honey, because those substances assist in breaking down the alcohol. Other remedies include thyme tea and applying a cold compress to the forehead.

Many headache-prone women have worsening symptoms around their menstrual cycles, and there are homeopathic headache relief treatments for this type of pain as well. Some homeopathic doctors advise the sufferer to incorporate more physical activity throughout the month to help prevent the headaches. If the symptoms are already there, natural treatments such as massaging the temples, taking a hot bath or shower, taking the herb feverfew or placing ice packs on the forehead might relieve the pain.


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Post 3

@burcidi-- Try lemonbalm tea. It's a natural headache relief herb that acts like a sedative. It will make you relax, and it's also great for insomnia. Have it at night because it can make you sleepy and drowsy.

I have a cup at nighttime whenever I have anxiety and headaches. A cup is all you need because it is fairly strong. The great part is that it doesn't have any negative side effects like medications. Just avoid having it on an empty stomach because it can cause some acidity.

Post 2

I experience tension headaches frequently. I have a stressful job and the stress really gets to me at times. Sometimes I get a headache that lasts for two days!

I've tried aromatherapy and it does help, but it doesn't get rid of my headache completely. Is there a more effective home remedy that's specifically good for tension headaches?

Post 1
People in India usually prefer natural medications for their ailments and a very popular remedy for headaches is sandalwood paste.

I learned about this when I visited India a few months ago. The paste is sold almost everywhere and helps relieve headaches when applied to the forehead. I even brought back some with me and use it occasionally.

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