What is the Best Home Pizza Oven?

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Choosing the best home pizza oven depends largely on what the specific user's definition of best is. Some users might consider the best pizza oven to be the one that makes pizza the quickest and easiest, while others prefer the pizza oven to cook a certain style of pizza, with a certain flavor, or within the confines of certain space requirements, such as on a countertop. Others may simply require a large oven that will allow the user to make several pizzas at once. Therefore, the first step in determining which pizza oven is best is to determine what the user's specific needs are.

Many countertop versions of the pizza oven exist. They are the less expensive of the many varieties of ovens, and can usually cook one or two pizzas at a time. They can range anywhere from $200 US Dollars (USD) to $800 USD and are usually powered by electricity, using heating elements within the oven to cook the pizza. Like other types of pizza ovens, these smaller, more compact countertop ovens usually have some sort of pizza stone inside, on which the pizza rests while cooking. A pizza stone is a round piece of ceramic or earthenware that helps evenly distribute heat throughout the dough to cook the pizza thoroughly.


More serious pizza connoisseurs might want to consider a brick oven. These types of pizza oven take up significantly more space than the countertop versions, and they are much more expensive and difficult to install. They must be built from stone or brick, and in most houses, space will be an issue because the ovens can be quite large. One way around this issue is to build the brick oven outside of the house, on a patio or in a back yard.

A brick oven is sometimes known as a wood-fired oven. The oven itself is made of stone or brick, and the bottom of the oven is made like a pizza stone — ceramic or earthenware. The open-faced oven is usually dome-shaped inside, and it is heated using a wood fire. The pizza is placed next to the fire, and the heat from the fire is distributed about the dome to evenly heat the pizza. Using a wood-fired oven can give the pizza a specific flavor depending on the type of wood used, how long the pizza is cooked, and how close to the fire it is cooked. Some wood-fired ovens come in kits that can be assembled at home, but they take time and patience to construct correctly.


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Post 3

My father and I built a wood burning pizza oven in his backyard. After he retired he got really into cooking and one day he decided that he wanted a real, authentic pizza oven. The only easy way to incorporate one into his home was to build it in the backyard.

He had done all the planning and purchased all the materials. He only called me when he needed extra hands to put it together. It took the better part of a day but it was not a grueling job. And definitely worth it. The pizza that comes out of that oven is some of the best I have ever had.

Post 2
I consider myself something of a frozen pizza connoisseur. In fact, if my wife would let me get away with it I would cook a frozen pizza every day. I love them, even more than fresh pizza which I know is strange but true.

So I have eaten tons of frozen pizzas in my life and I have tried all different brands and cooking methods. And the best advice I can give you is probably also the most boring. The best way to cook any frozen pizza is to simply follow the directions on the side of the box. If you like it crispier, leave it in for a little bit longer but don't try to get fancy.

Post 1

I have a special little oven that sits on my counter top and is dedicated to cooking frozen pizzas. I bought it off of TV one night.

It really does work. It gets the bottom and the crust crispy and the cheese evenly melted. It also cooks the pizza faster than most conventional ovens. It has a series of heating elements that run along the top so it almost bakes and broils at the same time.

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