What is the Best Hip Bursitis Treatment?

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Hip bursitis treatment is often needed when the symptoms of the condition become overwhelming. The type of treatment a person may benefit from the most is usually decided on an individual basis. For some people with hip bursitis, taking an anti-inflammatory medicine or pain reliever will alleviate any great symptoms. Simply resting the hips may be enough treatment for individuals with particularly mild symptoms or for symptoms that are infrequent. In addition, physical therapy may also be an advantageous hip bursitis treatment.

Bursitis is the name given to the condition which describes inflammation of bursae, which are miniature pads filled with liquid that provide a cushioned surface between bones as well as tendons. On average, bursitis can occur anywhere, but is most common in areas such as the hips and elbows. The hips may become affected with bursitis in a variety of ways. Any repetitious movement of the hips such as running, bending or lifting over a long period of time can cause bursitis. It may also result from an injury such as a hip fracture.

In many cases, hip bursitis treatment becomes necessary because the symptoms become so very severe. Many people with this form of bursitis suffer from great hip pain. The upper thighs may also become painful. There may be swelling and hip tenderness as well as bruising. As a result of these pressing symptoms, it may be difficult to move and to participate in normal activities.


For some, an anti-inflammatory or pain medicine may be the best hip bursitis treatment. Many of these medicines can be obtained from the counter of a local pharmacy. Anti-inflammatory medicines mainly treat bursitis by lessening inflammation in the hip and reducing pain. A cortisone injection may also be used to treat pain and swelling in a person with hip bursitis. Antibiotics are another type of medicine that may be used as treatment if the bursitis is caused by an infection.

Rest may be one of the most beneficial treatments of all for hip bursitis. Whether the symptoms are mild or severe, if a person is diagnosed with this condition, it is important to rest the hips. This will generally mean refraining from excessively strenuous tasks and activities. Frequent bending and kneeling should also be avoided, as these movements may strain the hips and increase symptoms. If there is hip swelling, treatment may also involve placing ice on the hips.

Physical therapy may also be used as hip bursitis treatment. Mainly, physical therapy may be prescribed to strengthen the hips. Therapy sessions may involve a number of therapeutic exercises that involve stretching and moving in ways to support the sensitive hip areas. Working with a trained professional will be helpful to a person with hip bursitis because the professional can teach the person safe ways to maneuver that will not cause additional hip injury.


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