What is the Best Design for a Pantry Cabinet?

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When choosing a design for a pantry cabinet, consider your kitchen storage needs. An easy way to do this is to first think of the largest items you plan on storing before listing everything else you want to store in your pantry down to the smallest item. Next, plan the containers you'll use to hold your kitchen pantry staple items. Finally, decide on a pantry cabinet design that will allow you easy access to all of your pantry items, especially those you'll use the most often.

The strength of the shelving is an important consideration in pantry cabinet design. For example, large bags or containers placed on shelves in a pantry may cause the shelving to buckle under the weight. Large items such as bags of dry dog food may best stored in a container on the floor that fits underneath a shelf. Scoops could be attached to the underside of the shelving.

Packages of food can be stored in labeled large baskets or plastic containers and lined up neatly on pantry shelves. Alternatively, the contents of food packages can be stored in clear glass or plastic food jars. Canned goods may be stacked and grouped into a pantry cabinet in categories such as soups, fruits and vegetables.


The narrow sliding type of kitchen pantry is popular today. Many people add these storage pantries during a kitchen renovation. The sliding type of pantry cabinet reveals rows of shelving when the handle is pulled. Jars, cans, spice bottles and food storage containers usually fit well on these shelves. You can store foods that you use often such as spices and condiments at eye level shelves and items used less often on upper and lower shelves.

Basically, the best pantry cabinet design is the one that is the most workable for you in your particular kitchen. If you’re thinking about adding a pantry area to your kitchen, consider the location of it carefully. Ideally, the pantry cabinet should be near the countertop or island that you use to prepare foods. Limit the steps you need to take between your pantry and food preparation area to create an efficiently functioning kitchen space. Also be sure to look for kitchen pantry designs that can be easily accessed and open smoothly.


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