What is the Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Baldness?

Christina Crockett

There are many things to consider when determining what is the best Ayurvedic treatment for baldness. Many Ayurvedic practitioners consider hair loss and baldness to be related to body type and the well-being of mind and body. Typically, an Ayurvedic treatment for baldness consists of a combination of Ayurvedic herbs, along with meditations and yoga, as well as proper diet and scalp massage, depending on the individual.

Rubbing almond oil into the scalp can help promote healthy hair.
Rubbing almond oil into the scalp can help promote healthy hair.

Ayurvedic therapy for baldness might include a variety of Ayurvedic herbs that treat certain aspects of hair loss. Some Ayurveda hair tips may include rinsing one's hair with apple cider vinegar to stimulate hair growth. Licorice extracts also help prevent hair loss, and the silica found in horsetail promotes strong, shiny hair. A person can stimulate hair growth by massaging stinging nettle, rosemary, birch and horsetail into the scalp on a regular basis. Burdock tea and marshmallow are known to be good for dry hair.

A balding man.
A balding man.

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As part of an Ayurvedic treatment for baldness, one should consider massage, proper diet and exercise such as meditation or yoga. Massage is a great way of helping to prevent hair loss, because it stimulates blood circulation, promoting healthy hair and a healthy scalp. Daily scalp massages for five to 10 minutes can stimulate circulation and help prevent baldness. Another form of Ayurvedic treatment includes rubbing coconut or almond oil into the scalp to promote healthy hair and slow the process of hair loss. Applying vitamin E also strengthens hair and prevents a dry, flaky scalp.

A diet rich in magnesium and calcium, vitamin B complex and essential fatty acids is also part of a balanced Ayurvedic treatment for baldness. Foods that include vegetables, fruits, nuts, protein and whole grains are essential for healthy hair. Exercise such as yoga and meditation can help stimulate and strengthen the mind and body, while also helping to lower stress, which can cause hair loss. These types of exercise, therefore, can contribute to Ayurvedic therapy.

When considering an Ayurveda treatment for baldness, one should consult with practitioners regarding other treatments, because they might interfere with the Ayurvedic herbs’ effectiveness. A person might also consider a variety of natural hair care products promoting hair growth. Ayurvedic shampoo and other hair care products that help stimulate healthy hair and natural hair growth also might be worth considering.

The principles of Ayurvedic practices are based on India’s most traditional, long-standing natural system of medicine. Ayurvedic therapy incorporates the well-being of the mind, body and soul. It utilizes natural herbs, herbal oils, proper diet and forms of exercise as part of a total therapy system. Therefore, the best Ayurvedic treatment for baldness must be customized to meet the individual’s certain needs and hair loss problems.

Rinsing hair with vinegar may help promote hair growth.
Rinsing hair with vinegar may help promote hair growth.

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