What is the Best Arch Support?

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For those who want the very best arch support, at least as good as it possibly can be, the only option is to go to a podiatrist. This medical professional can make a mold of the foot that can then be used to manufacture custom-fitted arch support inserts. This is a very expensive option, however, and includes not only the cost of the specialist, but also the cost of manufacturing each insert.

Before going through this expense, many people try other options, such as finding good arch support shoes. While these may not provide the best support possible, they may be enough for some people. Shoes can be specially designed for arch support, but many people find that a good pair of athletic shoes offers significant support for the arch of the foot. Jogging shoes, in particular, tend to have very good arch support and promote correct posture, which could not only help foot pain but leg and lower back pains as well.

For those who already have shoes they do not want to part with, there is another option. Arch supports can be purchased directly off the shelf at nearly any pharmacy or big-box retailer. These also may not be the best arch support products available, but they be very helpful those who suffer from foot problems. These also tend to be cheapest options, though there may be a variety of products at different prices.


Some of the best products on the market are those that cradle the entire foot. These often provide not only good arch support, but help the wearer stand up straighter. This is important for some people because using arch support inserts can cause some people to develop pain in the lower back or legs. This can happen if the arch support changes the person's balance and posture. These total support systems are meant to help control that problem.

No matter what option a person chooses, the best arch support system for him or her may not be the same as it is for another person. Therefore, finding the right one may take a little bit of patience, as well as some trial and error. For those who suffer from the painful arches, however, the payoff is often well worth the sacrifice.


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Post 4

I can't say enough positives about Alzner arch supports for pain relief for high arches and from plantar fasciitis. I have been wearing these for 14-plus years with wonderful results. My spouse has also gained total relief from his foot issues and his problem foot configuration actually improved to a more normal foot pattern. They are expensive, but not as much as the custom made products from foot care physicians.

The Alzner staff at their retail sites make imprints of your foot, analyze the problem configuration and fit you with the proper inserts. Once you become accustomed to them, by following a break-in schedule as advised, there is such amazing pain relief. The foot does change over time with

regular wear and it is advisable to be checked every few years.

Recently, I suffered another bout of plantar fasciitis and discovered that my 14-plus year old Alzners needed to be replaced; I had almost worn them completely flat. I had forgotten about needing to replace them after a while because I had been so satisfied with the results from wearing them.

Once I got re-evaluated and purchased a new configuration, I can say that I have had no more pain. I have been able to play 18 holes of golf this week every day, with not one twinge. The old inserts were helping, but the new ones have eliminated what has been excruciating pain over the last few months.

If you can't find a retail store nearby, you can have a home fitting kit sent to you and the proper inserts will be shipped back. They will work with you to ensure proper fit and relief. I recommend working with The Body Works store specialist in Gatlinburg, TN. I know this is a reputable Alzner agent and they have been in the same place with the same fitting specialist at least since the early 1990s when we first were fitted. Yes, we travel eight hours to get there! There is also a five year guarantee for free of charge replacement for breakage during this period. They do warn you not to let dogs near them. Dogs apparently love to chew them and there is no replacement for that. I have no affiliation with this company or retail site. I am just a very happy consumer who wants to spread the word to others with foot pain.

Post 3

Getting a mold of your feet is not always the answer. They only make an arch support to match your foot. Feet have more than one arch and need to be flexible. The muscles of the feet tend to get lazy because they don't have to work as hard due to a variety of specialized shoes.

Arch supports like the Alzner seem to be one of the best answers that I have found since researching arch supports online. Good Feet has a system that is awesome. I went into the store and the pain was gone instantly. I had a problem with spending well over $500 for them and left with my pain. They are merely sales people and that is it. All of my research leads me back to the Alzner arch support and now I am researching where I can buy them.

Post 2

A new company called STRUTZ offers arch supports that can worn in any kind of shoes, flip flops, sandals and even barefoot. Podiatrists, chiropractors, orthopedists, and physical therapists now recommend their product for fallen arches, flat feet and heel pain.

All of of these medical professionals, that are worth their salt,understand the concept of the kinetic chain and also understand that better arch support may help alleviate pain not just in your feet, but also your ankles, knees, hips and back I tried the product and it works.

Post 1

In the article you state that "for those who want the very best arch support, at least as good as it possibly can be, the only option is to go to a podiatrist. The doctor can make a mold of your foot, which can then be used to manufacture the very best arch support inserts available."

When actually there are other options much better options. For instance, going to a physical therapist who specializes in the foot is a better option because they are the experts in biomechanics and movement analysis and look at the entire lower kinetic chain.

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