What is the Bartendaz Workout?

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Many different types of workouts are available to meet various exercise needs. Some people prefer a minimalist workout that is easy and inexpensive to complete. The Bartendaz Workout is one such program. It involves exercising in conjunction with motivational speaking.

Considered a street workout, Bartendaz was developed to help people who could not afford to purchase gym memberships successfully work out at home or anywhere they choose. The program involves exercising with the equipment a person has available, if any. The workout can help build one's level of physical fitness, muscle tone, and flexibility.

Calisthenics, or using one's own weight as resistance, is the basis of the Bartendaz Workout. Using one's weight as a fitness tool can help a person develop a fit body, lose weight, or maintain overall health and physical fitness. The other main component of the workout method is motivational speaking and thinking. Motivation is considered the philosophy behind the workout.

A moderately challenging workout, Bartendaz can be done with home exercise equipment, playground equipment, or simply the floor. For this reason, it is also sometimes referred to as a playground workout. Lots of different demonstration videos are available on the workout, many of which feature people working out on playground equipment.


Bartendaz exercising can be done alone or with groups. A workout partner can also be incorporated with the Bartendaz method. People using the workout are encouraged to rely on friends for mutual encouragement. Partners can also be used as increased weight resistance.

An example of a Bartendaz Workout may include push-ups, chin-ups, and other weight resistance moves that incorporate the body's mass in the exercise. Martial arts, acrobatics, military drills, and break dancing are often incorporated as well. The motivational messages used in the program help to foster a mind-body approach, building self-awareness, confidence, self-esteem, and overall well-being of the participants.

Because of its inexpensiveness and community basis, the Bartendaz Workout has been used in many schools, juvenile detention centers, and prisons. At-risk youth can benefit from this program in particular. Hassan Yasin founded the Bartendaz Workout. Through his motivational company, Yasin was originally approached to develop a program to help prevent youth from cutting class at school.

Having spent time in prison during his own youth, Yasin desired to create a program to stop young people from joining gangs and abusing drugs. Another part of the Bartendaz philosophy includes channeling the aggression of at-risk youth into physical fitness rather than into violence and other people. Youth are often attracted to the Bartendaz Workout because of its incorporation of hip-hop, acrobatics, and other enjoyable activities.


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