What is the Bank Administration Institute?

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The Bank Administration Institute is a non-profit organization in the United States that serves companies in the financial industry. Based in Chicago, Illinois, the Bank Administration Institute has the goal of helping to improve bank operations and auditing standards. It serves the financial industry through education and research and provides a range of events, conferences, and development programs for those responsible for operating, auditing, and serving companies in the financial industry.

The Bank Administration Institute counts banks, credit unions, and other financial service institutions among the organizations it serves. The organization serves not only large banks that have bases in several different countries, but also smaller institutions that are more grounded in their individual communities. This organization also serves as a link between the financial service industry and companies that develop the technologies financial companies need to stay up to date and move forward in the industry.

Targeted events are among the services the Bank Administration Institute works to offer members of the financial industry. These events include conferences, seminars, webcasts, and speaking engagements aimed at sharing ideas, strategies, and solutions for those in the financial services industry. For example, some of these events may be focused on such topics as risk management, cost reduction, and revenue generation. This organization also offers educational programs for bank officers hoping to expand their knowledge of what it takes to operate a successful retail bank.


The Bank Administration Institute also provides publications for those in the financial industry. These publications cover the issues banking executives face. The organization has not only an online magazine, but also a newsletter that delivers strategy information. The Bank Administration Institute also maintains an online resource database of financial services solution providers.

Research is also on the list of the services the Bank Administration Institute provides for the financial services industry. The organization works with banks, service providers, and financial experts to perform, evaluate, and report research important to the financial services industry. For example, its research studies include those focused on the retirement market, small businesses, relationship building, and customer loyalty.

The Bank Administration Institute also offers learning and development solutions aimed at helping financial institutions to stay in compliance with laws, maintain their staff, train employees in different locations, and meet other challenges common to this industry. It offers solutions that are focused on the needs of banks and separate solutions that concentrate on the unique needs of credit unions.


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