What Is the Asheville Art Museum?

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The Asheville Art Museum is a cultural, educational and art institution that provides exhibits, special events, workshops and educational programs. All of the educational programs, events and museum exhibits represent the art and history of the Asheville, North Carolina area. The museum features both permanent collections on exhibit and traveling or changing exhibitions throughout the year.

The permanent museum exhibits at the Asheville Art Museum represent art objects primarily from the 20th and 21st centuries. In conjunction with the exhibits, the Asheville Art Museum plans and implements educational programs, special events and workshops that correlate with the art that is on exhibit.

The museum features three different types of educational programs. The first is geared toward adults and college students. The second educational program targets children and families. The third category of educational programs is specifically for educators or teachers.

The Asheville Art Museum also hosts special programs and workshops. These programs are all age appropriate and allow the participants to learn about the art history of the Ashville area through lectures, arts and crafts projects, workshops and more.


The art objects that are on exhibit and are part of the Asheville Art Museum permanent collect focus on specific groups of artists in the area. Primarily, the art comes from artists who represent the culture and heritage of the western area of North Carolina. The museum also features art that comes from the students of Black Mountain College. With a rich Cherokee Indian history, the art of Cherokee Indians also plays a big role in the exhibits and educational programs that the museum offers to its visitors.

Residents often visit the museum to learn about their cultural heritage and culture of the area through art. Educational programs also include field trips for students to learn about the local history of the area in which they live through two- and three-dimensional art pieces.

The Asheville Art Museum also attracts visitors to the Asheville area. Visitors can learn about the culture and heritage of Asheville and the past that made it the city it is today. Visitors are invited to peruse the permanent exhibitions, as well as any of the temporary exhibits that are on display during their visit. Educational programs, special events and workshops are also open to visitors to the area, as part of a tourist attraction.


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