What Is the Ajna Chakra?

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The ajna chakra is the sixth of seven chakras within the body according to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Chakras are believed to be located along the spine from the tail bone up to the top of the head on the spiritual body; this body exists within the physical body. The ajna chakra, also referred to as the third eye, is represented as an eye in the middle of the forehead. Through meditation, the ajna chakra can be awakened and developed into a means of seeing the future and higher spiritual planes. It is also instrumental in spiritual healing and mediumship, bringing spiritual vibrations in line with that of the universe.

Chakras can be described as points of energy that harmonize our spiritual, emotional and physical life forces. The ajna is the sixth of seven Chakra points located along the spine. Chakra means “wheel” or “spinning wheel” in Sanskrit, and chakras are said to be energy points of different colors that spin like wheels.

Originally found in ancient Hindu texts, chakras are part of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs that the universe is made up of pure consciousness. Ajna chakra is located between the eyebrows on a person’s face. It is believed that the physical human eyes are for seeing the past and present, and this chakra is for seeing the future. The ajna chakra appears as an eye in the forehead and represents our sixth sense.


Indigo is associated with the third eye. Each Chakra possesses a different color, for example, the seventh chakra on the crown of the head is associated with violet. The ajna chakra is also associated with well-being of organs such as the eyes, ears, nervous system and the pituitary gland.

Meditation is performed to enhance the abilities of the ajna chakra. Through meditation, all seven chakras are harmonized and the third eye’s abilities are allowed to develop. Breathing exercises and regular meditation is required to develop the ability to see into higher planes of existence, and develop clairvoyance and other mediumistic abilities.

Like other Chakras, the ajna chakra it is not physically present on the body but is believed to be present on the spiritual body residing within the physical one. It is seen as the focal point for healing and spiritual connection. Awakening the third eye through meditation, prayer and perseverance is believed to allow us to glimpse into the spiritual universe and become more in tune with its vibrations.


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