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The Ab Scissor® was the first iteration of what later became the Ab Scissor® Ultra. Like the original Ab Scissor®, the Ab Scissor® Ultra is a home exercise machine designed to target and isolate one’s abdominal muscles in four minutes a day. All abdominal muscle groups are worked with the machine, including upper, lower, and oblique muscles.

Designed by fitness professional Jake Steinfeld under his Body by Jake® brand name, the Ab Scissor® Ultra includes the patented Gravitational Linkage System, which allows the user to perform an abdominal motion called the scissor crunch. It is this crunch that produces the desired results: toned abs. The product is designed to eliminate neck and back strain while providing a quick, comfortable workout up off the floor, using one’s own body weight for resistance.

Weighing in at roughly 43 pounds, the Ab Scissor® Ultra folds and rolls away for storage. The machine comes with a step-by-step video that guides users through the assembly process. No additional tools or parts are needed; the machine comes with all required components.


Since forming Body by Jake® in 1990, Steinfeld has contributed to the fitness industry in a variety of ways aside from the Ab Scissor®. His launch of ExerciseTV®, the first fitness-on-demand television network, allowed him to reach out to viewers in millions of homes with digital cable-based workouts as well as online workout videos. ExerciseTV® also includes weight-loss advice via online blogs and an online health and fitness community with answers to questions about health, nutrition, weight loss, and exercise.

Steinfeld’s work doesn’t stop with machines, TV, and books. For lacrosse enthusiasts, Steinfeld founded the nation’s first professional outdoor lacrosse league, Major League Lacrosse® (MLL). The league includes teams in major cities such as Boston, Chicago, and Denver. For the youth of America, Steinfeld created the Don’t Quit! Foundation, which provides fitness centers in inner-city middle and high schools. He also was appointed by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to serve as chairman of the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports®.


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