What is Testosterone Propionate?

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Anabolic steroids are often used by athletes to enhance muscle growth. Testosterone propionate is an anabolic steroid made from testosterone and a propionate ester. This added ester is designed to speed the ingestion of the testosterone into the body. Propionate is well known to be the fastest absorbing testosterone ester available.

Using steroids is dangerous and should be avoided unless the drugs are prescribed by a physician. Anabolic steroids are well known to cause long-term damage to the heart, kidneys, and liver. These drugs should only be used under the observation of medical professionals. Testosterone propionate is a steroid that causes additional muscle growth but puts heavy strain on other internal organs.

In the United States, steroids are controlled substances, similar to illegal narcotics. Possession or usage of these drugs without a prescription can result in criminal prosecution. It was determined by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that these drugs are harmful, and therefore deemed illegal for recreational use.

Testosterone is the main ingredient in most anabolic steroids. It helps the body produce muscle by providing energy and muscle recovery enhancements. This reduces the wear on muscles caused by extreme weight lifting exercises. Testosterone propionate is an injected form of steroid that contains a fast absorbing ester. This drug passes through the body in 24 hours and must be injected daily to produce significant results.

Many bodybuilders stack testosterone propionate with other anabolic steroids. Stacking refers to the practice of combining two steroids to create a stacking effect on the body. Testosterone propionate is most often stacked with Winstrol® or Equipoise®. These steroids are fast acting and most often used during the cutting phase of body building. Other steroids are better suited for the bulking phase because they have a longer absorption time.

Using an artificial testosterone can be dangerous for many reasons. These steroids harm internal organs, and can also cause the body to stop naturally producing its own testosterone. If an individual chooses to use steroids, he should ensure he stops for several weeks after a cycle is completed. This will give his body sufficient time to recover and begin producing testosterone naturally again. If the body stops producing testosterone completely, the user's sex drive and weight can be affected.

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