What is Testosterone Cypionate?

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Testosterone cypionate is a synthetic form of the male sex hormone testosterone. It and several other similar man-made substances related to male sex hormones make up a class of drugs commonly known as anabolic steroids. Testosterone cypionate is legally prescribed to treat certain conditions, but it is also highly abused because of its performance-enhancing properties.

The male body naturally produces testosterone, the hormone responsible for the development and proper functioning of the male sex organs. Sometimes the body fails to produce enough testosterone, causing such conditions as delayed puberty, sexual dysfunction, and lack of male characteristics such as beard, chest, and pubic hair. Treatment of this condition, known as hypogonadism, is the most common medical use of this drug and other anabolic steroids. In fact, anabolic steroids were first designed in the 1930s specifically to treat hypogonadism. They help promote the growth of skeletal muscle, so anabolic steroids are also prescribed to treat the wasting away of flesh that occurs in diseases such as HIV.

Testosterone cypionate is a creamy white crystalline powder that has very little or no odor and is not soluble in water. It is administered by injection deep into the gluteal muscle, in the buttocks. It should not be administered intravenously, and should only be used under the supervision of a medical professional.


Testosterone cypionate is a controlled substance in the United States. It is often obtained and used illegally because of its ability to improve performance and physical appearance. Weightlifters, bodybuilders, and other athletes are the most common abusers of the drug and other anabolic steroids. The abuse is so widespread among professional athletes that testing procedures have been implemented to detect illegal use. Some countries do not require a prescription to purchase this drug, and it is often smuggled into the United States and sold illegally, either by mail order or at places such as gyms and competitive sports events.

Abuse of testosterone cypionate can have serious adverse side effects. It has been linked to high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, blood clots in blood vessels, and liver tumors. Abuse can also cause cysts, acne, and oily hair and skin. Aggressive behavior, irritability, and severe mood swings may also result from abuse of anabolic steroids. An indirect but serious effect of steroid abuse is addiction to other drugs, as some abusers turn to stronger drugs such as heroin and other opiates in an attempt to get relief from the negative effects of anabolic steroids.


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I think that a lot of men who take steroids aren't fully aware of how badly damaged their bodies will be in the future. There is a fascinating documentary on steroid use called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." It was very eye opening about what happens after you abuse steroids.

It's sad that most people that abuse drugs are so desperate to escape the present, that don't think about their futures. Life changes drastically as you mature and get more world experience.

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