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Testofen™ is a compound derived from fenugreek seeds said to boost a male's testosterone levels. Since testosterone plays a major role in muscle development, many individuals use products containing this substance to increase muscle mass. The rise in testosterone production is also said to bolster a male's libido, improving erectile function in the process.

The main ingredient of Testofen™, fenugreek extract, is a natural compound found in fenugreek. Fenugreek is one of several herbs traditionally used to improve lactation in women. The discovery of a new component in the seeds of the plant, however, has been found to be beneficial to testosterone production as well. The component, fenuside, is a combination of several saponins that naturally stimulate the androgens inside the system. As a result, muscle mass and sexual functions in men are significantly boosted.

Several tests were conducted on the effectiveness of Testofen™, with promising results. Subjects reported an increase of nearly 9% in their overall testosterone levels. More impressively, there was a reported average increase of more than 60% in the subjects' free testosterone levels.

These large increases in testosterone can significantly improve an individual's muscle development. Inadequate levels of testosterone can lead to dystrophy, or shrinking of muscle tissue. In addition, testosterone plays a vital role in a male's sexual performance by directly stimulating the libido and also affects erectile function. These properties allow manufacturers to market products containing Testofen™ to both bodybuilders and males with erectile dysfunction.


There are several criticisms of this substance, however. A number of experts dispute the claims made by clinical tests on the compound, citing that most tests were conducted on mice, not humans, and were, therefore, not predictive of the compound's effect on men. In addition, much attention is brought to the fact that a large number of tests that were conducted on human subjects were privately funded by pharmaceutical companies with ties to Testofen™, a situation that might potentially lead to infected results.

Reviews by users of Testofen™ are mixed. Some report experiencing both major benefits, having increased muscle mass and improved libidos. Others, however, report only one or the other. There are also reviews that say the product did little more than give their skin a maple syrup-like scent, an effect common among those whose diets regularly include fenugreek in the dishes. Given the variance between reviews, as well as the amount of criticisms made against the product, it is generally agreed upon by most experts that Testofen™ requires more clinical testing.


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Post 5

I have injected fenugreek directly into my member and was shocked by the result; incredible pain and lactation directly from my member.

Post 4

@JessicaLynn: You should do a little study into the world of bodybuilding before you attempt to form an opinion that has some validity. Your sense of justice is rather perverse!

Post 3

I hear about supplements that are supposed to help men build muscle mass all the time. I can't help but wondering: whatever happened to hard work? Seriously.

I can tell you a tried and true way to build up your muscles mass. Go to the gym! And don't eat over-processed crap food!

I honestly think that if anyone buys this stuff to try to increase their muscle mass, they deserve to get ripped off. Maybe they can spend that $15 on a gym membership instead!

Post 2

@starrynight - Well, some people seem to think this stuff works. I personally wouldn't discount it without trying it. I did a search, and it looks like this stuff sells for around $15 a bottle. So if you buy it and it doesn't work, you're not out too much money.

Anyway, I don't have any experience with this stuff for men. I do have a friend that took a fenugreek supplement when she was breastfeeding. She said it helped her a lot, but she experienced some kind of unpleasant side effects.

She said these supplements made her extra-sweaty. Also, the kind she got had a warning on the bottle that asthmatics shouldn't take it. I'm not sure why, but it's something to keep in mind.

Post 1

If I was a betting woman, I would not place a bet on the effectiveness of Testofen. The way the article described the clinical testing sounds extremely suspicious to me!

First of all, mice and men are not the same. Even if this stuff did indeed increase testosterone production in mice, that doesn't mean that it would in a human!

Second of all, I don't trust any clinical trial that was partially funded by the company that produces the supplement. It would be too easy for them to fudge the results so that they make more of a profit off of it!

This stuff sounds like a total rip-off to me. I do like fenugreek in food though! Since I'm a lady, I guess I should be glad it probably doesn't increase testosterone production!

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