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Tattoo Goo® is a tattoo aftercare product which is designed to promote healing of new tattoos and to keep older tattoos staying fresh, crisp, and clear. This product is only one among a broad assortment of products formulated specifically for tattoos, but it has acquired a favorable reputation among many tattoo artists. In addition to being used for tattoos, Tattoo Goo® can also be used on sunburns, chapped lips, and a variety of other skin care needs.

The original Tattoo Goo® is a salve which comes in a metal tin. It includes olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, lavender, vitamin E, sunflower oil, and a green dye which is designed to make the color of Tattoo Goo® more appealing. The ingredients have been carefully chosen for their abilities to moisturize without clogging pores, and Tattoo Goo® is designed to be as hypoallergenic as possible. In clinical testing in 2008, Tattoo Goo® received the mark of approval from dermatologists.


In addition to the original salve, the company also makes a gel, a lotion, and a stick form of Tattoo Goo® which also includes sunscreen to protect tattoos, along with a soap which can be used on piercings and tattoos. The company also manufactures piercing aftercare products, and a line of Tattoo Goo® products designed for people involved in extreme sports. The formulation is altered periodically to address changing information in the world of skincare. For example, Tattoo Goo® used to include comfrey, but this herb was removed due to Food and Drug Administration concerns about the safety of comfrey.

In tattoo studios which use Tattoo Goo®, tattoo artists often apply a layer of Tattoo Goo® to a freshly-completed tattoo, and encourage their patrons to continue using the product throughout the healing process. Some tattoo studios sell Tattoo Goo®, and it can also be purchased at stores which specialize in tattoo and body piercing needs, and directly through the company.

Because Tattoo Goo® is relatively hypoallergenic and very gentle on skin, some people like to use it for an assortment of skin care issues in addition to tattoo care. Tattoo Goo® is gentle enough to be used on the face, and it has deep moisturizing abilities which can help soothe cracked and dried skin, especially on the elbows and knees. The soothing properties designed to promote tattoo healing can also benefit sunburns and other sources of skin irritation.


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Post 3

@KaBoom I didn't know about tattoo goo lotion either. I am thinking about getting a tattoo, and it is helpful to know these products are out there.

Of course, from what I know from my friends with tattoos, it is even more important to go to a quality artist in the first place; if you go to a cheap tattoo artist, even if it is a safe environment, the inks and other supplies are not always as good, and the tattoos fade a lot. It's important to ask around and do research in your area before you decide.

Post 2

@KaBoom - One of my friends is a tattoo aficionado of sorts, and he really likes Tattoo Goo. He's gotten his tattoos over a number of years, so he's used a lot of different products for tattoo healing.

He says Tattoo Goo is the best one he's come across. Normally he likes to buy it online though, versus buying it in a tattoo shop. Like most things, Tattoo Goo is usually cheaper online than in a store.

Post 1

Wow! It's been awhile since I got my last tattoo. At that time, there weren't any specialized tattoo products, at least that I knew of. The tattoo artist just told me to use plain old Lubriderm lotion! It worked all right, but I have a feeling that Tattoo Goo probably works better!

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