What is Taoist Tai Chi&Trade;?

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Taoist Tai Chi™ is a form of Tai Chi that involves following a set of basic principles of movement while performing the prescribed set of exercises used in this form of Tai Chi. In all, 108 movements make up the Taoist Tai Chi™ set, which begins with an opening pose and ends with a closing pose. Also commonly called T'ai-chi, Tai chi chuan, Taijiquan, or Taiji, Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that originated in China. Tai Chi is a practice combining breathing exercises with movement and meditation.

The International Taoist Tai Chi™ Society is a non-profit organization that oversees Taoist Tai Chi™ organizations in the 25 countries in which the group operates with a number of local chapters that hold classes and Tai Chi events. The Tai Chi instructors in the Society are volunteers. Generally, this organization holds its events, classes, and meetings at community centers and public buildings.


While the basic focus of the organization is on teaching Tai chi chuan, Taoist Tai Chi™ learning centers also teach Hsing I, Lok Hup Ba Fa, and Tai Chi Sword and Sabre. Hsing I is an older form of martial arts that predates Tai Chi and is thought to be an ancestral form of Tai Chi. Lok Hup Ba Fa encompasses advanced movements that are meant to be supplemental to the practice of Tai Chi. Tai Chi Sword and Sabre is a form of Tai Chi practiced with a sword or a sabre, which is a curved sword.

In addition to its artistic appeal and exercise benefits, it can also reduce a patient's risk of many health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, and Parkinson's disease. Because it typically involves slow movements, Tai Chi is used in many hospitals and nursing homes as a form of exercise for patients with limited capacity for physical movement. The Taoist Tai Chi™ Society often offers special classes catered to senior citizens and otherwise limited individuals who wish to engage in the practice of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi was originally practiced to strengthen internal defense and increase health in warriors, as well as for its beauty as a form of dance. In the Western world, Tai Chi is used as a form of exercise and a method of relaxation. Though it has many benefits, Tai Chi practice usually offers only mild cardiovascular exercise and does not constitute a full program of exercise for most people.


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Post 5

I do Taois Tai Chi and I love it. It's like meditation for me. It calms me but keeps me focused at the same time. Try a Tai Chi session at noon and see how productivity boosts in the afternoon. It's far better than a large cup of coffee. It makes the mind alert while relaxing the body. It's fantastic.

Post 4

@donasmrs-- I highly recommend asking your doctor about this because he or she is he best person for advice as to how far you can go in terms of physical exercise. If you get the approval from your doctor, then work with a professional Taois Tai Chi teacher and explain your situation. You can partake in classes but the teacher should direct you and tell you which Tai Chi movements to avoid to avoid injuring yourself.

Like the article said, this form of exercise is fairly mild and can even be done by the elderly. Having said that, quite of the movements do require strength from the back and do twist the spine. So if you have a spinal

injury, it can be exacerbated during this exercise. It's best to be precautionary about it. I think you will do fine if you work with a teacher who can supervise you during the movements. Remember that you must never strain yourself or push yourself too far.
Post 3

I'm interested in Taois Tai Chi. I'm not looking to learn defense but I want to learn it as a form of exercise and relaxation. My only concern is that I have a mild back problem that limits some of my movements. Does Taoist Tai Chi involve movements that strain the back or rely on back muscles?

My back muscles aren't the best and I don't want to injure myself. I can do some yoga without harm but any traditional cardiovascular exercise has been impossible since my back problems started. It's so difficult to find something that will make me stronger without injuring me further.

Post 2

Yes Tai Chi has been proven by numerous studies to improve a persons balance along with its other benefits. The National Institute of Health ran a study which showed that routine Tai Chi practice reduced falls in subjects by 47.5% which was superior to other exercises.

Post 1

I'm prone to inner ear infections and need to find something to improve my balance. Can Tai Chi improve this or is it just for exercise and flexibility?

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