What Is Tala Game Reserve?

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The Tala Game Reserve is an upscale travel destination and nature reserve in South Africa where visitors can view wild game and also host an elaborate wedding, a unique honeymoon, a business conference, or other type of social gathering. The private wildlife sanctuary bills its location close to the city of Durban as malaria-free, a plus when many areas of the continent are host to mosquitoes that carry the disease. Guests at the Tala Game Reserve can view almost 400 different species of birds as well as large numbers of giraffe, buffalo, rhinoceros, antelope and hippopotamus.

The game reserve encompasses more than 3,000 hectares (7,413.16 acres), and is comprised of a mixture of land types, from grasslands to thornvelds of acacia trees to wetlands, leading to a varied experience of wild game viewing. Various methods of nature viewing are offered, including rides from the back of a horse or from a vehicle, and also along a walk in the bush, with guides provided to lead the way. No predators are present in the Tala Game Reserve, so the animals on view, although still wild, are more amenable to humans and their desire to photograph the varied species of game. Visitors who want to see lions are just a short drive from a nearby lion park.


Safari tourists at this protected area have the chance to encounter resident herds of the impressive sable antelope. Their long manes lead to a comparison with horses, especially when they attempt to show off their dominance over another animal by arching their necks. The sable antelope’s horns can be as long as 65 inches (1.65 meters), and they can grow to a weight of 500 pounds (226.79 kilograms).

The Tala Game Reserve has five luxury lodges to accommodate guests who prefer a magnificent view of the African bush to accompany their chef-prepared meals and fine wines. The reserve also can place guests in half a dozen smaller cottages. The Tala Game Reserve also is home to an education center that offers day trips and overnight learning programs for local schoolchildren. Children’s tours are also available for traveling students who are visiting from abroad.


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