What Is Sun Meditation?

Helena Reimer

Sun meditation is a form of meditation that allows a person's body to draw energy from the sun into itself. It typically is practiced in the morning and evening just after the sunrise and before sunset by gazing into the sun and meditating. Although it takes a significant amount of practice to master this type of meditation, anyone can participate as each individual can begin at a low level and work his or her way up to longer and more powerful sessions. The benefits of sun meditation are said to include a balance of emotions and recovery from many physical ailments.

Sun meditation is done just after sunrise or just before sunset.
Sun meditation is done just after sunrise or just before sunset.

There are different sun meditation techniques that can be done while sitting or standing. Different mantras are also encouraged to help the mind meditate. When learning sun meditation, one can begin at a level that is comfortable for the eyes. If the eyes are not accustomed to the light, it is best to keep them closed until they have developed enough strength to gaze at the sun for a few seconds. This can be done by practicing sun meditation every morning and evening, because those times are when the rays are least likely to harm the eyes.

Sun meditation allows people to draw energy from the sun.
Sun meditation allows people to draw energy from the sun.

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When the eyes are ready, the individual can begin to gaze at the sun with the eyes slightly open for about 10 seconds or longer, depending on his or her comfort level. The sessions can be increased slightly on a daily basis, because the strength of the eyes and concentration levels are increased. The goal is to gaze at the sun for at least half an hour in order to achieve maximum benefits.

After about 10 minutes of meditating, changes begin to appear within and around the sun. The sun might change color or seem to disappear altogether. There are also seven colors of light that can appear around the sun, which is said to be the healing light that is absorbed into the body. As the sun enters the eyes, the healing light is said to begin nourishing and cleansing the body.

The energy that is drawn from the sun is said to give the body strength to break unhealthy habits and reduces the dependence on food. After the meditation has been mastered, individuals might be able to go without food for an unusual length of time. The light is also said to break down the toxins that cause problems within the mind allowing emotional instabilities, anger and fear to leave the body.

On top of the emotional and mental benefits, there are also many physical benefits that practitioners believe can be derived from sun meditation. Headaches, pain and many chronic conditions, such as asthma and diabetes, can be helped with this practice. Although sun meditation can help improve eyesight, it also can cause a temporary burning sensation and sun spots to appear when it is first practiced. This is normal and usually disappears on its own as the eyes become stronger with regular practice.

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