What Is Steak Soup?

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Steak soup is a dish typically made from various types of beef plus vegetables and potatoes; these ingredients are combined with flavored stock or broth. Steak soup recipes can call for steak cubes, steak strips, and sometimes ground beef. This dish can be made easily in either a Dutch oven or in a stovetop soup pot. Some recipe variations may call for the use of corn starch or all-purpose flour as a thickening ingredient for a heartier and more filling steak soup. The types of vegetables and seasonings often used in steak soup can also vary according to personal tastes.

Soups made with beef can have varying levels of fat depending on the type and cut of the meat. Cooks who are concerned about fat reduction in meals frequently opt for lean ground beef instead of steak for this recipe. This meat option can usually be cooked in the Dutch oven until browned, and any existing fat can easily be drained away before adding the rest of the soup ingredients. Steak cubes with smaller amounts of fat are another alternative; many cooks choose to carefully trim away the fat that does come with the steak cubes. Others prefer to purchase a leaner whole steak such as tenderloin or T-bone and then cut the meat into thin strips before cooking.


Popular vegetables for giving steak soup more flavors often include carrots and onions; potatoes can also be a favorite ingredient. Some cooks like the convenience of adding miniature carrots while others believe that slicing full-size carrots results in a better soup taste. Two favorite onion varieties for this kind of soup are often yellow or white varieties, although sweeter Vidalia onions can be substituted if preferred. Instructions for adding potatoes to a steak soup recipe frequently entail cutting one or two russet potatoes into small pieces and adding them to the broth along with the rest of the vegetables before bringing the whole mixture to a boil.

Other vegetables such as chopped celery and stewed tomatoes can often give this soup recipe added color and texture as well as taste. Many home cooks like to include various seasonings while the steak soup is cooking; these can include black pepper, salt, oregano, ground parsley, Worcestershire sauce, and beef bouillon. Others also prefer to add in the fat drippings from the cooked beef for a richer version of this soup recipe.


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