What is Starbury&Trade;?

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Starbury™ is a brand name for athletic shoes and sports apparel and was developed using the term “star” and the last name Marbury. The idea behind it was inspired by Stephon Marbury of the New York Knicks. The NBA star wanted underprivileged kids to also enjoy high quality basketball shoes and other items, but he knew that the cost often put such things out of reach for those who don’t come from well off families.

Marbury decided to come up with a line of sneakers that more kids would have access to, offering the same high quality at a more affordable price. The Starbury™ brand is available exclusively at Steve and Barry’s. These shoes have a price tag of about $15.00 US Dollars (USD), instead of the exorbitant prices often seen on famous name athletic shoes and other sports apparel.

Athletic clothing is also available under the Starbury™ brand name, and it’s become quite popular. Other celebrities have followed Marbury’s lead and come up with similar products. Another NBA star, Ben Wallace of the Chicago Bulls, has become part of the Starbury™ “movement,” wearing Starbury™ basketball shoes during games. He is also lending his name to a new design in sneakers. His nickname "Big Ben," will be used on the new design.


Marbury was featured on Oprah Winfrey where he compared his shoes to the pricey brands in quality. He wears the shoes when he plays basketball. The Starbury™ effort is a labor of love for kids Marbury can relate to. He remembers growing up, asking for things, and his mom having to say that the money was needed for groceries.

Ben Wallace understands too. He wore hand-me-downs as a child. That these two stars remember what it’s like to not have money, and care so much about what kids in such circumstances today are going through, is a testament to their character. They could be putting their names on basketball shoes that sell for upwards of $100 per pair, but instead they’re representing Starbury™ to give more kids access to quality, cool stuff, so they won’t feel left out.


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