What is Stain Resistant Carpet?

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Stain resistant carpet is any carpet that has been treated with a chemical finish that helps to prevent permanent stains from occurring when dirt or liquids are introduced to the surface of the carpeting. The stain resistant qualities of a given carpet may vary, depending on the type of chemicals used in the treatment. Stain resistant carpets are often treated with a topical application of chemicals after construction of the carpet. Carpet fibers can also be infused with a chemical treatment before the actual tufting or weaving process begins.

It is important to understand that not all stain resistant carpets are treated to resist all types of stains. Some forms of stain resistance are focused on inhibiting the ability of the carpet to absorb liquids. In other cases, the chemical treatments that bestow the stain resisting qualities are aimed more at preventing dirt and grime from working into the fibers of the carpet and causing a permanent stain. When purchasing area carpets or wall to wall carpeting that is marketed as stain resistant carpet, it is a good idea to know what stains the particular carpet is treated to repel.


One common error that many people make is assuming that a stain resistant carpet will somehow magically not incur a permanent stain, even if the liquid or dirt is left in place for a long period of time. What the chemical treatments achieve for the carpet is slowing down the process of absorption. This means that the carpet may still stain if red wine is left on the carpet for overnight. Removing the spill or dirt from the surface of the carpet as soon as possible is still important.

Just about every rug and carpet sold today will have some degree of stain resistance. In order to choose the right carpeting for a given area of the home, make sure to read the details about what types of stains and soils that a particular brand of stain resistant carpet is treated to resist. With products that fit just about any budget, it is possible to purchase durable and attractive stain resistant carpet at many different outlets, from discount retail stores to high end carpet shops.


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Stain resistant carpets are great, as long as you pay the extra money for the good quality kind. My mom got what was supposed to be stain resistant carpet, but it didn't hold up very well. It looks awful, now. We're talking about getting new carpet and I'm holding out for the good stuff, if I have to help pay for it!

As with many things, with stain resistant carpet, you absolutely get what you pay for. I'm willing to pay more for a treatment that does what it advertises. That’s a rarity these days, anyway. But at least if you pay more, you also have a better warranty in place.

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