What is Spiritual Psychology?

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The generally accepted definition of spiritual psychology is the practice of the science and art of evolution in the consciousness of mankind. To evolve, according to spiritual psychology, is to be released or liberated from anything that causes disturbance in the mind of an individual, preventing him or her from attaining peace. "Authentic self" is one of a variety of terms employed to refer to this process of a person evolving into the peaceful, joyous and compassionate being that he or she is meant to become. This type of psychology of the soul or mind is connected with one main goal: to achieve either spirit healing or soul healing — or both.

Spiritual psychology has been embraced by many people who believe that there is a great need for man to experience spirit healing in order to become happy and peaceful in a world in which technology has afforded him the power of great destruction of the Earth and of other individuals. Numerous others, however, warn of the psychological and spiritual damage that can occur through the practices that affect the mind and that are encouraged in this belief system.


Among those who oppose embracing spiritual psychology are followers of various religions who reject the idea that soul healing can be separated from the practice of some form of faith and strict adherents to traditional psychology. For example, many believers in traditional psychology fully accept the concept that everyone begins his or her life with at least a primitive discernment of the difference between good and evil or right and wrong based not upon a philosophy or a set of religious teachings, but rather upon the effect that certain actions or inaction can have on a person's mind.

Terms such as "guilty" or "clear" conscious relate to the belief that it is not always good to seek freedom from disturbance that develops in the mind as a direct result of carrying out deeds that are contrary to the laws of a government or the code of ethics that govern various professions, such as those to which medical doctors or law enforcement officers might have to adhere. Another aspect of spiritual psychology that might be considered problematic for the overall theory is related to and focuses on the attainment of internal peace by being released from anything that causes disturbance. If a person's disturbance is linked to a physical ailment, physical imprisonment or some form of physical suffering, soul healing is not viewed by many as a medically verifiable healing or solution for the soul or spirit as long as the person's physical body continues to suffer.


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