What Is Spiritual Life Coaching?

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Spiritual life coaching is a type of life coaching in which the focus is on the spiritual aspects of an individual's life. There are similarities between life coaching and spiritual life coaching in that both are aimed at helping people meet their goals, whatever they may be. The main difference is that spiritual life coaching focuses more on the inner aspects of a person, sometimes called the inner coach, whereas life coaching may focus more on the outer aspects and use a more pragmatic approach to reach goals.

One of the misconceptions is that spiritual coaching is connected to religion. Some coaches may be religious, but many do not belong to or practice organized religion. The coach should lead a strong spiritual life, but that does not necessarily mean being religious. The basic tenet behind this type of coaching is that all people have spiritual aspects in them, whether they believe that or not, and that connecting to the inner coach can help people be more successful in their lives.


Part of this type of coaching is to provide guidance and inspiration to the client. There is an idea in spiritual life coaching that people who don't nurture their inner spiritual selves may be more prone to anxiety, stress, and fear, and so one of the goals of this type of coaching is to address those potential problems and try to reduce or eliminate them. In this type of coaching, this is done using intuition as the main coaching skill.

There are a variety of reasons to use spiritual life coaching. Some of these reasons are practical, for example, to change negative behavior patterns, accomplish goals, or improve relationships. This type of coaching may also be used as a way to discover natural gifts or develop a life purpose. The coach often acts as a mirror to reflect what is really going on inside the client. Regardless of the reasons to seek this type of coaching, the main purpose is to figure out ways to take action and control life utilizing the inner coach.

Spiritual life coaching is not therapy, although it may be effective in addition to therapy. Coaches may conduct their sessions differently, but generally, one-hour consultation sessions are a common way to start, with additional sessions as needed. Some things coaches should do to be effective is to develop intuition and set boundaries with the client. The coach and client can work together to figure out the best plan depending on the client's needs and desires.


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Post 3

@discographer-- No, anyone who wants to improve their spirituality can get the help of a spiritual life coach. Receiving help in this area does not mean that someone is going to devote their whole life to spirituality or religion.

I received spiritual life coaching for a while and I definitely benefited from it. I think that spirituality helps me understand myself better and see things from a different viewpoint. It also encourages positive thoughts and feelings, so it's great for people who are experiencing stress, anxiety and depression.

I actually think that everyone should have a spiritual life coach at certain periods in their life when life is challenging. Last I checked, many Americans are battling depression and spirituality is something that can help.

Post 2

I thought that spiritual life coaching is something that people seek if they are thinking of pursuing a religious, spiritual life like priesthood. I'm Catholic and I know that those leaning towards priesthood in my church seek the help of a spiritual life coach for this purpose. But of course, this is also religious coaching and the goal is clear-- a religious life.

I guess there are different types of life coaches out there for people with different needs.

Post 1

I'm looking for a spiritual life coach. I'm interested in spirituality but I'm not sure where to start. I tend to worry a lot and I don't feel very content with my life. I think that working on my spirituality might help.

Does anyone here have a spiritual life coach? Has life coaching benefited you?

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