What Is Spinach Bacon Quiche?

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A quiche is a type of pie that typically consists of a single crust with a savory, heavily egg-based custard filling. It is often served as a brunch or dinner main dish or in small, bite-sized portions as an appetizer. One of the most common versions is a French dish known as Quiche Lorraine, which is usually made with a filling of eggs, bacon, heavy cream, cheese, and nutmeg. A variation on the traditional Quiche Lorraine is a spinach bacon quiche, which tends to use the same basic ingredients but adds cooked spinach leaves before baking.

The base of a spinach bacon quiche is usually either a homemade or purchased refrigerated or thawed frozen pie crust. Its filling is a custard made primarily of beaten eggs blended or whisked together with a liquid dairy product, such as heavy cream, whole milk, or half-and-half for a creamy texture and rich flavor. If frozen spinach is to be used, it is typically recommended to thaw it and squeeze out all of the moisture before using it to prevent it from making the quiche crust soggy. Fresh spinach may either be used raw or steamed or sautéed before baking if preferred. Cooked and crumbled bacon and the desired type of cheese, often Swiss or cheddar, tend to be the other main ingredients for the dish.


Spinach bacon quiche is usually prepared by layering the bacon, spinach, and cheese on top of the pie shell, and then topping it with the egg custard. The layering may help the bacon and spinach form a barrier across the bottom of the pie shell to prevent the custard from making the crust too soggy. It may also help ensure the filling ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the entire quiche.

The dish is baked until the crust becomes golden brown and the custard sets and has a slightly puffy appearance. The exact baking time may vary, but often takes at least 30 to 45 minutes depending on the amount of eggs used. Recipes often recommend letting the quiche cool for at least 10 minutes before cutting into it so the custard has time to cool and become firmer. The dish is typically served by cutting it into large wedges.

Spinach bacon quiche may be eaten cold, at room temperature, or warm. It may be covered and stored in the refrigerator for approximately three days or frozen for up to six months. The dish is often served alongside a crisp green salad to counteract the creamy texture of the custard filling.


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Post 2

I love spinach bacon quiche. I especially love to use apple wood smoked bacon when I make it. That particular kind of bacon has just a hint of sweetness that goes amazingly with the richness of the eggs and the sharpness of the spinach.

Post 1

I make a pretty good quiche but where I really struggle is with the crust. I have tinkered with different recipes and preparations but have never got a result that I really love. I want one of those rich and flaky crusts that you find sometimes in restaurants or in the homes of chefs.

Does anyone have a great recipe for a quiche crust or maybe you can offer me some tips for working with the dough? My filling is great, I just need a great crust to tie it all together.

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